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How to answer the question "Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offense other than a minor motor vehicle violation?"
10 years ago I pled guilty to DUI (NJSA 39:4-50) in NJ. On several job and SBA loan applications I am seeing the question "Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offense other than a minor motor vehicle violation?" How do I answer this question? It is my understanding that a DUI in NJ is neither a criminal offense nor a minor motor vehicle violation. Can I answer "no" if the question is phrased as above? It seems the scope of the question is limited to criminal offenses only and does not include non-criminal or traffic offenses (i.e. getting a DUI in NY or PA would require a "yes" answer).
Check out this link: http://www.nj.gov/mvc/Violations/dui.htm I don't practice in NJ, but don't know anyone who would...
DUI .20 On Breathalyzer and CDL
My good friend got pulled over for flashing his high beams at a police officer on a major highway. After they pulled him over he was found to be extremely drunk. He tested .20 on the breathalyzer, (like 10 drinks for a 180 pound man), obviously failed the field test and was subsequently arrested. He is a CDL driver for a living. Also, this could possibly be his second offense in 10 years, he is not sure. What should he expect now? Will he lose his CDL permanently because the high BAC? Can he put off the suspension for a few months? Will the state inform his job about the DUI? Thanks..
If this is his second, it is almost certain that he will lose his CDL. The best shot he has is to hire an attorney to...
My co defendent died of an overdose she was my codefendent on a misterminda posestion case it was her car I was passenger
I was charged with possesion of a needle and drugs
Sorry to hear about the death of the codefendant. More information would be needed regarding the matter which you...
Is it true you have to empty your bladder first before getting a urine test?
I got arrested for a dui and my breathalyzer came out zero and then I took a urine test But I didn't know that I could say no to the urine test they just said " if u r on something tell us now because we r bringing a drug professional and u gotta pee in a cup" but anyway I heard that they got to make u empty ur bladder first and then the second time collect it... is this true? Cause that didn't happen to me
That is a medical issue. I have no idea. But on the consent to the urine there is case law. I suggest strongly you...
Which is worse a dui or letting someone with a suspended license drive my car?
Back in jan I let my friend drive my car. He has a suspended license because he already has two dui. I was not in the right state of mind and when he parked he told me to switch and being confused I did. I didn't not know what had happened and got like 8 tickets for reckless driving, hitting a car, leaving the scene, and driving under the influence. The cops were already behind us but did not see us switch. I knew he didn't have a license but I was not in the right state of mind and let him drive anyway. So which is worse? I have court in April and I don't know whether to take the blame or not because I don't know which is worse. Also I would probably get a ticket for lying to the cops saying I was driving but I was really confused and I blacked out so I didn't know he hit a car and was only driving on three wheels etc.
Sounds like a bad situation you need to consult with an experienced dwi defense attorney. Each offense has penalties...
What happens if you are caught driving in NJ after a DUI drivers license suspension?
I was driving obeying all traffic laws and was pulled over for not having a front license plate on my car. Cop asked for all paperwork I gave it to him and he asked how's your license? Is it clean? no points? So before he went back to his car and ran my license I told him straight out that I was suspended for a DUI charge that happened 1year ago. He pulled me out of the car arrested me gave me 2tickets - one for the no front license plate and the other for driving while suspended. I was released within an hour. So I have court in a few days and just want to know what I'm up against! And if it's bad or something that can be worked out without having them extend my license suspension!
Driving while suspended due to a DWI has mandatory jail get yourself a good lawyer to try to avoid it but expect to do...
Is a DWI non alcoholic a felony in the state of NJ
Just finished a long legal ordeal and I plead to a DWI. I got 7 months suspension finished my idrc but on the last day of idrc one of the older ladies lecturing said a marijuana DUI is a felony unlike an alcoholic related one here. My lawyer said the opposite back when we were working on my case. I'm worried. Situation related was my case which is why I'm serving 7 months.
DWI is a traffic offense under title 39 (Moving Violations). New Jersey does not even use the term felony.