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Will i get my liscense taken away after my dui tickett for being under the influence of weed and bars?
i was depressed bad and made a choice to smoke but did not know there was something in it and it messed me up so bad that i wasnt me and got my dui then almost killed myself the next day cause ive never done anything like this in my whole life. i got screwd by a friend who thought it was okay.
Possibly. Hire an attorney to help you.
Got a DUI while i was on probation, Do I plea not guilty?
If I plea not guilty can they say that I was drinking before they prove me guilty?
The government can't prove you were drinking alcohol illegally if you weren't and have witnesses, evidence for your...
I got a dui second and subsequent
The newspaper which runs public records daily printed as a driving under the influence of drugs. My work has already pulled me into human resources because of the drugs issue. They looked it up on the docket and sure enough its listed as a drug charge. No drugs were involved and I never have done drugs, its been very embarrassing and damaging to me. My work wants a retraction. I still have to go to court on the matter in about three weeks.
Hello there, You need to bring this to the attention of your attorney. It's unlikely that the paper is going to...
What will a DUI do to my deferred sentence?
I have a 10 year deferred sentence for multiple counts of embezzlement, and was recently arrested for a DUI and possession. Since these are unrelated crimes, will the recent arrest impact my embezzlement deferment?
Yes. Most likely. Get a criminal defense attorney. You may also have a warrant.
Dui court?
I got a dui last year and had to do a bunch of programs which I completed and went to court and got 1300 in fees and a new court date. The next court date was just a review of fees which I did not have all of them paid but I also did not go as I was out of state for a custody hearing thinking my lawyer going was fine since all classes were already done and it was just a review. What is going to happen.
Contact your lawyer or the court clerk or both. Everything should be alright if you have made your payments if not...
Can I be convicted of DUI if I havv a physical disability?
I live in Oklahoma and have a physical disability due to chronic back and leg pain because of a car accident 30+ years ago. This caused me to fail the balance field test so I was arrested. The only thing that showed up in my blood test where my pain meds. My court appointed lawyer hasn't even mentioned my disability to the judge or DA and wants me to take a year probation. Do you think I have a chance I'f I ask for a jury trial? Nowata is a very small town with a judge that has been there for many many years!!!!!
Pain medication can result in a DUI conviction, prescribed or not, even if you are disabled. If you don't trust your...
OK DPS has no record of my DUI?
I got an aggravated dui 30 days ago. My attorney sent a request for a hearing with DPS, however DPS has no record of my DUI. The arresting officer (OHP) didn't turn in the paperwork to DPS. How long do they have to file the paperwork?
You should be asking your hired attorney this question. With that said, it can take 2 or 3 months sometimes. The DPS (...