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What penalties will i face. i have no money, what will happen if i can't pay my fines?
hello, in september of 2014 i was arrested for dui and driving with a suspended license. i was arrested 18 months earlier for dui. in may of 2015 i lost my job of 28 years. i was a 1099 person and could not collect unemployment. i also lost my license in june of 2015.
I am very sorry to hear of your difficulties. In Massachusetts, we have a "Community Service" option. Generally, any...
Would the cost of appealing a CWOF for potentially faulty breathalyzer be worth it financially?
According to reports on the website, there appears to be a potential issue with some breathalyzer results due to a certain cleaning solution being used which is resulting in improper results. I agreed to a CWOF in January of this year and received unsupervised supervision and the 24D disposition which mandates the 16-week DAE program. Would it be worth it to see if my case would potentially be one of the affected cases, and if i did appeal is there a potential of losing the CWOF disposition?
Possibility. It depends on what the other facts of your case were. Was there other evidence, other than the breath test,...
Cano get off drug test early if I test negitive for awhile in concord district
For drug testing
It depends on the circumstances. In some cases, a person who is on a lengthy probation and has consistently done well,...
I am wondering if I decide to fight my dUI and I lose , I was told I could still ask for the cwoff?
I have never been in trouble in my life, I got my first dui on christmas eve I refused the breath test and the field sobriety test. I keep changing my mind on wether I should fight it or not
Then speak to a lawyer
Do you get your license back if you take the cwoff
I got my first dui on christmas eve and have no criminal or previous record
If you took the breathalyzer test then you will have to wait at least 45 days (minimum sentence judge will impose to...
Do I need an attorney for OUI Liquor?
I took the breathalyzer and blew 1.3. Should I just plead GUILTY and throw myself on the mercy of the court, or should I plead NOT GUILTY and retain a lawyer?
Plead not guilty and talk to an oui defense lawyer! Even if you don't want to fight the charge, if this is a first...
I got a fine for o.u.i. 1srt offense and driving without license in n.h.
i never paid fine my brother said he did but didnt can they come to ma. to arrest me.
If you failed to abide by the terms of your sentence, most likely there is a warrant for your arrest for violating the...