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DWI Sentencing
Person charged with aggravated DWI – 3rd DWI in ten years – 2 resulted in property damage. Recent DWI BAC was .20. Person plead guilty to an E Felony. Person is presently employed, attending rehab and is a caregiver. At sentencing, is it conceivable this person may be able to avoid incarceration? Thank you.
Was there a promiseday sentence? If not, jail is certainly a strong possibility.
If ur license is revoked in ny & u move to c.a. or t.x. can you apply for a license in that state legally?
If ur license is revoked in ny & u move to c.a. or t.x. can you apply for a license in that state legally? n just never drive in ny again?
Not likely. There is reciprocity among the states and many won't issue a license if your privilege is suspended in...
DWI and operation. Is sitting in a place someone else drove to without intent to drive operation:
My boyfriend had driven my car to a convenience store after we left our friends house. We had a disagreement and he walked the 3 blocks home to his house. My car was left running with the headlights on and in the park position when he walked away. I moved from the passenger seat over to the driver’s seat to plug my cell phone into the charger which is powered through the cigarette lighter. The wire is short so I had to be close to the cigarette lighter in order to use my phone and charge it so it wouldn’t die. I called my boyfriend to try to get him to come back. There was an open beer in my cars drink holder. One of my brake lights on my car was out and I did not want to drive through the town at 2 am knowing that I would be pulled over. Is this operating the car?
You need a local DUI/DWI lawyer, now. This is a winnable case but you need help. You can lose your license before...
My lawyer told me that the DA is new and not willing to reduce my felony DWI.Is there any possibility it will at trial?
My lawyer said he spoke to DA who is new and not willing to reduce my felony DWI (2nd dwi in 5 yrs)--have not had pretrial hearing yet.Is there any possibility it will be reduced at trial or through future hearings? DA said he is willing to wait on refusal hearing which was missed and for court transcript from arraignment during which I told the judge that I had requested blood testing from officers, but was denied because they wanted me to take breathalyzer. There is no chemical evidence (refusal) and I was parked at a gas pump when charged with DWI. Is this transcript going to help that why DA said he was willing to wait? There was also open container in the car. Thank you.
Offers can always change but there is no guarantee it will happen. The DA may find his case is weaker if there is no...
What are the chances of 2nd DWI being D.A. rejected,dropped to DWAI,or lesser charge without probation or jail?No Chemical evid.
Was parked at store with car off and key in ignition-he did not see me drive there i was in parking lot for 30 min.Trooper inquired to why I was there.Said he smelled alcohol.Asked if I had been drinking n I said no.Performed 3 field sobriety tests which he said I failed after I I declined field breathalyzer.Cuffed me as second cop searched my car n found open beer in passenger seat floor.Was brought to police station n asked to take breathalyzer.Repeatedly asked for lawyer but was told I was not allowed n e phone calls.I asked for blood test repeatedly,but was not given one.Said I didn't understand implied consent warning both times it was read n said I needed lawyer.Not allowed n e phone calls entire time at police station.No chemical evidence was given.
It sounds like you may have a good chance to beat the DWI because the police didn't actually see you drive and I assume...
What can be a possible outcome when she goes to court?
My cousin was charged with driving without an interlock and on a suspended license with previous conviction. This is her second time. She has a felony DWI under Leanders Law.
The outcome will depend on multiple factors, including her prior record, the amount of time since her dwi conviction,...
New York DMV DUI refusal hearing not rescheduled
I was arrested in August 2014 for DUI in Poughkeepsie, New York. A refusal hearing was held, but the cop did not show up, and my license was reinstated; I have paid no fines to the state, either court or DMV. It is now November 2015 and the DMV still has not rescheduled the refusal hearing. The criminal case is ongoing and is expected to go to trial in spring 2016. Will the DMV simply never reschedule the refusal hearing? Are they waiting for a disposition in the criminal case? I'd like to take advantage of the cop making statements at the refusal hearing and use these to impeach his credibility at trial. My license has remained valid the entire time, except two weeks immediately after the arrest.
The DMV moves at its own pace. Your attorney can follow-up and make sure nothing has been missed but there is no rhyme...