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What happens if I fail my probation drug test?
I was charged with possession of drugs, it was a felony but was bumped down to a misdemeanor because I am a minor. I have a meeting tomorrow and am excepting to get drug tested. I have smoked marijuana just over 30 days ago. This is the first time my test would show up positive if I do fail. What would happen to me?
So, going forward, you won't put yourself in the future, correct? Assuming you have no prior record for this sort of an...
Hamilton county OWI Charge. Is there any way if I plead guilty to not lose my license or be able to use an IID?
I was parked on a curb in a neighborhood and a neighbor called police after I knocked on door looking for a friend. I was in my car with it running when an officer arrived. I'm charged with an OWI now. Does it make any difference if I wasn't witnessed driving when I was arrested? I have a prior 6 1/2 years ago.
This is a very loaded question, as there are a lot of facts here that might be able to be challenged --- the most of...
How can someone get special probation privileges in the state of Indiana? Or how can they transfer probation to Wisconsin?
My girlfriend is currently being charged with OWI in the state of Indiana, they're charging her with a class C misdemeanor. Prior to any of her troubles, she had planned on relocating permanently to the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area to live with me and get a college education at a leading Nursing university. This obviously would have to be put on hold, because she could be on probation for 1 year. First off, her original court date was "vacated". Can we expect it to be moved earlier in date or later? Secondly, are there decent odds that her probation could be transfered to my area? We plan on moving in with each other soon. Could she possibly recieve some special terms of probation, allowing her to come to/stay in Wisconsin frequently? It's her first offense of any nature. Thanks!
It is likely that her probation may be transferred to Wisconsin under the circumstances that you described. It's...
I live in Indiana but got a DUI in Florida and 5 months pregnant. Please help.
I just got sentenced to mail in probation for the state of Florida. They gave me fines, fees, community service, and 2 different classes to take. How will I know what classes will be accepted by florida? Also, neither state will grant me a hardship license even though I am eligible for one. I really want to have all of this taken care of by the time my baby arrives here in August. I am also a single pregnant woman. The father of the baby still resides in Florida and is in now way in contact with me.
Have you talked with the State of Florida (or the relevant county) on which classes they will accept? Are they listing...
Will underage drinking affect my citizenship application?
I'm 17 and I was recently cited for underage drinking. It's my first instance of getting in trouble with the law and I'm an exceptional student, so I'm hoping to get into the diversion program after which my record will be expunged and the case thrown out. My parents and I are currently permanent residents and are to apply for U.S. citizenship next year. I know citizenship can be rejected on the basis of lacking good moral character, and I was wondering if what I have done is serious enough to warrant a rejection.
Your best source for answers to your questions should be directed to an immigration attorney. Although criminal defense...
What can I expect?
On may 10 2013 I was sentenced 10 yrs in the Indiana DOC, 8YRS executed - 4yrs DOC + 4yrs work release - 2yrs suspended which went to probation. 1-Guilty of dealing in meth-class B felony 2- Owi causing bodily injury. class D felony 3- Owi causing bodily injury class D felony. 4 - owi causing bodily injury class D . . .I had 3 dirty UA's for amphetamine and methamphetamine, the first 1 I admitted to my po I had used, but the 2nd and more so the 3rd I believed I was clean. They say 72 hrs but I didn't touch anything at least 96 hrs before or more ( I know, its tough)
Rough, I get the feeling there is more information that a criminal defense lawyer in Indiana would need to know to...
Is it likely to be drug tested through a diversion program with only an underage consumption of alcoholic beverage charge?
My diversion agreement says I can be randomly drug tested but it has been a month and they did not drug test initially. I know it's possible they can drug test at any time but is it likely since it's just an alcohol charge? I had a friend who went through the same program and was never drug tested. Just curious to why he may not have been.
Well a possible random result is to never get tested. Is it all just a scare tactic to keep you from doing drugs? Maybe....