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Can I get charged with a DUI if the police report says I was no where near the vehicle?
My boyfriend overdosed one the side of the road. I had to get someone to call 911. When the police showed up , I had his keys around my neck the truck was off and locked when the police showed up.. my boyfriend was up and walking around when they got there and was responsive... He was transported to the hospital via ambulance.. about a week later he got a citation in the mail for public drunkenness.. his p.o put him in jail for a detainer and said he could get out if he didn't get a DUI.. Everytime we call they say they are waiting for the report from the hospital.. what does that mean? Is that for them to push a DUI?
From what you have described there maybe a number of defenses to a charge of DUI. It is up to the police to decide if...
Pulled over, DUI blood test, 5 months later.
On Christmas Day, I was pulled over at 8:30 or so. The police officer accused me of DUI, and I failed the heel to toe walk, even though I told him numerous time I have Peripheral Neuropathy and have balance issues. I took a blood test, he drove me back to my car and allowed me to leave with my room mates who came to get the car. I wasn't taken to the station, I didn't get printed, and I didn't get anything written at the scene. I was driving on a suspended license, which was suspended for about 6 months prior. I am on Methadone Maintenance, 80mg which I have been stable on for many month, even before I was pulled over. I imagine he ran me and found out that I had a past with drugs (paraphernalia charge) and wanted to see what I would admit to (which I understand. I'd do the same most likely) It's now May, and I still haven't received anything. My PO also hasn't heard anything about it, and last week I got my restoration letter with my date to get my license back. Is it safe to say that I can get my license restored or should I just wait to see what happens?
It is not uncommon for police wait several months to charge a DUI. In PA, the statute of limitations for DUI is 2 years...
I was placed an ARD I had a blood alcohol content of .16 I completely complied with the officer took all of my tests I required.
Apart of my ARD for my DUI conviction was I had to turn my license in to PennDOT 460 day suspension one side 60 days suspension was up I contacted PennDOT and they told me that I now needed to fill out a alcohol form signed by my doctor when I contact if my probation officer about this she has no idea what they were talking about cuz it is not a part of the ARD Program and no one else has had to do this.
Contact your lawyer to help with PennDOT.
How much time is he looking at
My son has no priors was pulled over. Driving on susp license. They found two bricks of heroin. How much time is he looking at
Obviously, your son is in a great deal of trouble. Law enforcement is much more sensitive to heroin trafficking due to...
I got a DUI, blew .067, under 21, and I have a CRN evaluation soon. What should I expect?
I know it's like a packet/series of questions, but is there a drug test, breath test, etc? It's not like I need to evade these things, I would just like to know what's coming.
Since you are underage you will lose your license. It doesn't matter how little you had in your system. This is a...
Will I get drug tested on ARD?
I was arrested for a DUI, I'm under 21(18), no drugs were involved, I blew a .067
This is an excellent question to pose to your experienced criminal defense attorney. You do have one, correct??? If...
How long does it take to get charged with a DUI or hear anything about it? Will it help to get the first one expunged?
I was in a minor fender bender accident on 4/5/2016. The woman I rear ended called the police and I was taken to the hospital for a blood draw. I was high on opiates at the time, so I'm pretty sure I will test positive. It's been almost 2 months and I haven't seen anything in the mail and don't see any charges filed online for DUI. This will be my second offense and the first one was eligible for expungement, but I never went through the process 6 years ago.
Well it doesn't matter right now but yes get an expungement and speak to lawyer about your best options now.