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Do I need to hire a Lawyer? And can I win this case?
I was arrested for DUI and the officer took me to the hospital to draw my blood. I told the officer I do not give him consent to take my blood. The officer then told me I do not have that right and he could strap me down or put me to sleep to get my blood. I do not feel that is that is right considering some people never wake up after being put to sleep. Then at my first court appearance the court could not find my records of even being in jail. They rescheduled my court date for 2 months later. Is there a chance of winning this,?
Yes you need a lawyer. In certain cases of DUI, the officer will get a warrant to draw blood for determining your...
I got convicted of DUI in Arkansas right around ten yrs. ago and now I have been charged with a DUI in Tennessee?
will this show up in court? Also the officer gave me a commercial vehicle DUI and this is false.
It will probably appear on your criminal history making it likely that this will be charged as a second offense,...
Can I get this Dui dismissed?
On a Friday night I allowed a friend to drive me home who told me he had a valid driver license. I had been drinking and turned over my keys to him. Well he went got my car and picked me up and on the way home a state trooper pulled us over. Next thing I know they asked me to step out of my car, put me in hand cuffs and said I was being arrested for consenting to allow a person to drive my car who has suspended license and they gave him a 2nd offense dui. I didn't know his license was suspended and I thought that I was doing the right thing by not driving with drinking. The police officers charged me with DUI no BREATHLYZER nor Blood test was given to me. No test was given to me. I wanted to know if I can get this dismissed considering I thought I was doing the right thing and not drinking and driving. He lied to me saying he had license and sober.... Can I get this DUI dismissed?
You are unlikely to get it dismissed if you represent yourself. Also, if you are your own lawyer the things you say to...
If I move to Tenn which is not a part of the Interstate Compact do I still have to fulfill my interlock time/counseling from FL?
I got a DUI in FL in 2010 and blew a 0.18 BAC. I am required to have an interlock on my vehicle and counseling. I deployed to Afghanistan while on probation and had a bench warrant put out for my arrest. It took me awhile to get that cleared up and get back on my feet after deploying. I was off and on having an interlock and in my required alcohol counseling due to employment and vehicle issues. in the past 2 years of not having an interlock or driving due to not having a vehicle I have straightened out my life and have a good job and money to get my license back. I am trying to get a job contracting overseas and need to have a full driver license to do so.
I would have to take a closer look at it. I am not sure but it sounds like an issue to be addressed in Florida first....
How can i start back driving after a dui my first time what can be done if u can help please
please help me my husband need a job he has a dui on his cdl about a yr now and he got this dui coming home in his car start looking for work with driving and no one will hire him .this his first dui got it when we lived in horn lake,ms paid so much money to a lawyer to help us and did get any good help at all and he did blow the max for alcoholin his system now this mess up his livily hood from driving when dui school and everything.
There is nothing an attorney can do to force employers to hire your Husband in spite of his DUI conviction. Depending...
In 2010, I was cited a DUI, but was convicted of Reckless Driving. Am I eligible for expungement?
I would like to expunge a misdemeanor from my record. In 2010, I was cited a DUI, but was convicted of Reckless Driving. Am I eligible for expungement in Tennessee? I know DUI is not eligible, but since it was reduced to Reckless Driving, can I have it taken off my record?
Yes. You can petition the court to expunge the reckless drubbing charge off your record. You have to wait five years...
What can we do about him getting a job to drive
my husband got a dui on his cdl license driving his on car about a year ago and he be looking for work to drive he file a sr22to get insurance why noboby want hire him for a driving job this his first time getting a dui on his cdl this his livly hood what can he do to start back driving for a driving company please help me out what must we do it was in horn lake ,ms when he got his dui in his on car coming home
Unfortunately, you are discovering the same thing people with felonies on their record find; no one wants to hire...