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I would like to get this job from a car dealership that requires a good driving record. I have had a DUI 5 years ago. I do not have anything else on my record. I have had it expunged. What are my chances of getting insured? By the way I was denied 2 years ago for the same job because of this.But was not expunged at the time. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you
Are you asking about insurance or your job prospects? Also it depends if you convicted of a DUI, a "wet reckless" or a...
Never been in trouble with the law before. When I was 21 I got a DUI. 4 years later its still following me around.
Depends on judge. Failure to report twice will often get you a weekend in jail if not more.
I have recently been able to pay off all my court fines and am enrolled in the DUI classes. I couldn't find a ride to work and was pulled over for expired registration. I have been really trying to get my life together, go back to school, and pay everything off but its really hard without a license. What are my chances of getting a restricted one now that this has happened? Also what kind of punishment am i looked at for those charges?
Driving without a required IID is a one year, no restriction suspension. A 2nd driving on a suspended has a minimum of...
my last DUI conviction was on 1995, before that I served time in prison for multiple Du I's. In 1997 I went to a rehab and completed a 9 months program. In 1999 I got my license back after DMV told me to do a 3 month program. Then few months later my license was suspended. Recently I went back to see what I need to do and they want me to do an 18 months program. In 1999 I enrolled at the local college on addictive disorders courses and on 2001 I received my certifications. I also have an AS now on Addictive Disorders Studies in the Criminal Justice System, and I am accredited by one largest the state approved organizations. Further more, I have few more classes to complete so I can transfer to an university. I need to know what are my alternatives? I have been sober since 1997.
Your accomplishments and the way you have turned your life around for the better are definitely something to be proud...
I am done with everything except I still owe on my fine. I want to move to Az. I also do not want to look for a job unless I can move there. Would this be hard to do?
If all you have left to do is pay fines and there are no other restrictions you should be able to mail in your payment...
I had a first dui expunged and received an other in less than ten years is that a multiple offence
Yes. In California a case is not expunged. It is topically dismissed under pc 1203.4. Under this law a prosecutor can...
I don have a driver lincense .can i with a judge to delete the alcohol school
It's a little hard to understand what you are asking, but it sounds like you want to know if it's possible you can...