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I have a warrant for FTA for DUI that was dropped to Reckless driving. Judge says I didn't do my Victim Impact Panel & Alcohol
Awareness class but I did do it & gave the paper to my public defender, who was a fill in for my original PD at the time. Judge said I didn't need to come back to court as long as I turned in the paper. What can I do? How can I prove that I did that? It has been 1 1/2 years ago & I just recently found out about the warrant.
You can contact the PD office to get your file, ask the clerk for a copy of the court file, or you can try and get the...
I was charged with a DUI 3 months ago but no charges have been filed?
I had a blood and UA done at the hospital. Should I wait to get an attorney?
Yikes. No. Get an attorney now. Sometimes it takes time for the results of a blood test to return, and it can also take...
I have a ETG test following a granted furrlough off of EHM. I now must do my last 5 days of EHM.
It will have been 64 hours since my last drink. I am curious if this will result in a positive. I was also using heavy aerosol sunscreen which had ETG in it.
It is difficult to state what, if any, alcohol will show up on this test. Since you have to take the test anyway,...
How do I fight my DUI?
I was driving to the store last week & I blacked out and hit a parked car while I was driving. I am prone to seizure but I am being accused of a dui. I will accept the hit & run but I was not drunk. I pled not guilty in the arraignment & they still put me on "SCRAM" program. Who do I talk to?
You can find an experienced criminal defense attorney on this website. Search for criminal defense attorney and read...
Why is my warrant show up as dui when it's for failure to appear?
I am trying to get a warrant dropped for a case that was continued over and over until I missed a court date. So the warrant is for failure to appear but it comes up as a dui.
A warrant is always for failing to appear. That is the only way to get a warrant. If it’s a pending DUI case then...
Can I be extradited from Australia back to the USA? I have 2 DUI charges from 6 years ago, and just got arraigned on my 3rd
This happened in WA, and I am due back in Court, Feb. 15th. Currently, I am not in the US. Thank you.
Technically, yes.. however in the 20 years I've been in the DUI defense filed.... I've never see it.. they've got...
Can I have DUI conviction overturned or reversed?
In April 2015 I pled guilty to two DUI's in neighboring counties. Ive always questioned whether they even had good cases. Was it procedurally correct to not breathalyze me when they pulled me over? Not arrest or even ticket me but just send me on my way? In King county I mentioned having a couple of beers to the officers. I was actually referring to the previous day when I was pulled over in the other county. Regardless, I now have two DUI convictions in two counties. Also, these DUI's were within 72 hours of one another. I've heard they should have been run differently. Together somehow? But they were in separate counties and since I couldn't afford an attorney i felt stuck with very green public defenders. Plus, I had no money for bail. Consequently, I was unable to go out and seek a pro bono attorney or pursue a deferred sentence. Instead I sat 29 days in jail while my attorney did, I don't know. At 29 jail days it became too much. I said I'd plead guilty just to get out of jail. I did an Alfred plea but it did not help my situation. My plea mistake causes me great difficulty. I feel cheated by our guilty until proven innocent system.
I am sorry to say that this is nearly impossible to withdraw your guilty pleas even a day after you enter it let alone,...