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WWhat can i expect when i go to court thismorning for a dwls 3rd?
I didnt know if my licence was still suspended or not, we got pulled over in our small motorhome because of a tail light out and couldnt provide a drivers liscebce or in surance or registration as we hust got the mitor home 2 months ago and couldnt afford to register it yet. Im in washington state. What should i expect, what are the possibilities?
You can expect some fines possible jail time possible community service depending on how many priors you've got. You...
I am considering entering a Deferred Prosecution in WA for a second offense DUI. Will DOL action on my license be overturned?
I am considering entering a deferred prosecution for a second offense DUI. Originally I did not think the circumstances around my arrest were justified so I intended to fight it (plus, it is my legal right to do so) I think I could go through with the program. The DOL handed down a 2 year revocation of my license and I was wondering if that revocation would be overturned by the court for entering a deferred prosecution.
Unfortunately, the DOL and judge are not connected in a way to lower the revocation. You must file a notice of a...
Is there a set amount of time for dmv dui hearing?
Hey, So I got a dui december 17 2013. I mailed the dmv dui hearing form 17 days after that happened trying to get as close to the 20 day mark as possible, and now after today it will be 40+ days I have waiting. If they take too long does it just get dismissed?
If the hearing does not take place within 60 days, the DOL administrative action will be dismissed. It is not unusual...
Canadian citizen charged with DUI in Washington USA. Will I still be able to travel to or enter the United States from Canada?
So can I still travel to the states from Canada? If I get asked if I have a criminal record what should I say? Is the Washington DUI connected to my Canadian ID or my Canadian passport? I was charged and plead guilty to a DUI in Washington. I have jumped through all the hoops and I am on inactive probation. At the time they did not suspend my Canadian driver's license and they did not have my passport information. I was worried about whether entering US with a DUI charge in Washington was going to make things difficult for me.
Unlike the reverse situation, where Canada will bar a US citizen with a DWI record, the US will still admit a Canadian...
Will my 12 wk DUI treatment program in Florida transfer exactly to Washington state?
First time DUI. It's a misdemeanour, since I wasn't driving when I was charged. I have already finished the 12 hr class. Because my BAC level was over .14, I must complete a 12 week treatment program. I have already enrolled, since I was given a strict time frame to enroll in my DUI school, finish the classes, and enroll in treatment. I'm moving to Washington in less than a month. The staff at my treatment program are aware and have instructed me how to transfer my case. My question is... After I relocate and transfer my case, will I be completing the program Florida has instructed me to complete or will Washington judge my case again and decide my fate? If Washington is deciding my fate, what am I looking at, roughly? Thanks in advanc
For the courts: This partly depends on whether you have prior DUIs. If this is your first DUI, and a misdemeanor,...
Delayed progress towards reinstating license, IID / SR22 4 years later?
I was charged with a DUI (I believe DUI is the charge on my record, I paid to print my WSP Criminal History and for some reason it’s not on there?) in Washington State approximately Dec, 2013. I completed all court requirements with no ailments, but since I was a student at the time with no need to drive I decided not to pursue reinstating my license. I am now interested in reinstating. I checked the DOL ‘reinstate my license checklist’ and it says: 1) submit assessment/treatment report (I finished treatment back in 2014, had my file faxed today) 2) reinstate your enhanced drivers license (lists the fines and fees) Restrictions: 1) have an IID at least until 9/20/2015*, 2) probationary license until 9/20/2019. *Before you can have your IID removed, your installer must send us proof that you've been in compliance for the last 4 months. For more information, contact installer. Even though the IID date has already passed, do I still need to have the four month compliance to begin driving again? If I have the IID installed does it require special insurance? Once my treatment has arrived at DOL can I reinstate and continue not driving while figuring out the IID?
And yes, you still need four months of compliance with the IID requirement to get your license reinstated. During this...
How do I resolve my dui license suspension after moving out of state?
I committed a dui in Washington and shortly before my probation ended I was told that my treatment provider discharged me for noncompliance even though she had told my probation officer and I something different. Now I am in California and am wondering if I can go to AA or a co occurring group (like I was going to in WA) or do I have to follow California's dui program?
This is a question for your attorney, probation and the court. The court can allow you to do a number of different...