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  • Jury awards $1.5 million in whistleblower lawsuit -

    Friday May 12 | via The Robesonian 

    A federal jury has awarded $1.5 million to a former North Carolina fire investigator who said she was fired after complaining about the safety of construction work at an office building. The Charlotte Observer reported that a jury ruled Thursday in favor of Crystal Eschert, who said the Charlotte Fire Department fired her in 2014 because of her concerns over renovations at a new office building.


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If I move county's will my tasc transfer with it?
I got put on probation and failed the first drug test for thc and they said I have to go to tasc. I'm wondering if I get my probation transferred to another county will I still have to do tasc in another county? Everyone I've talked to said they didn't get put on tasc till they failed their second drug test so I don't think I should be having to do it anyways.
Whatever you were ordered to do, you will have to do regardless which county you move to or what"everyone you talked to...
Can I get my license back early, or at all, or get some type of "hardship restricted license" when my license are suspended?
My license are suspended because the Raleigh, DMV hearing officer, {I live in North Carolina}, cancelled my "conditional restoration agreement" because he "found" that I had broken the "conditions" of my "conditional restoration agreement". The hearing was scheduled because of 2 violations on my "interlock device" of missing 2 "running tests" in one month. This is where you are asked to blow into the device so it can check for alcohol. These violations are harmless. But AT the TIME of this hearing, I had got a driving charge of "driving while license suspended" because NC suspends your DL while you don't have a "device" on any car if u r required to have 1,and I had recently been hit by another driver who totaled my car so the device was taken out of that car and it took me 2 weeks to get another one and get another device installed. AS SOON as the NEW device goes into the NEW car, the report goes via computer to the Raleigh DMV and they are supposed to type your license back in the state wide computer as "Active" again THAT MINUTE. but they didn't. So when I was pulled over by a cop that evening, my license showed as "suspended", so he charged me as driving on a suspended license.
You need to retain an attorney as soon as possible and stop driving immediately until your privilege to drive is...
Do I need a criminal defense lawyer?
I got an underage drinking ticket at a traffic stop, blew a .03. I am 20 years old and I was wondering if I should get a lawyer to help with the process or if I should just go to court and plead guilty. Here are the numbers (G.S. 20-138.3) and (G.S. 18B-302(B)(3))
I would strongly recommend that you do speak to an attorney before just admitting to the crime by pleading guilty....
My NC Driving record is not showing my dui charge and conviction?
I got convicted with fail to move away from a stopped cop car and a dui. I did all my classes and everything I was sentenced to do. I got a letter from DMV to send my 508 form, I did but now they r saying that there is not record of my dui conviction on my dmv.....What will happen?
If it is not showing that's good news for you. Talk with your lawyer and see what they tell you. Perhaps they...
WILKES COUNTY Alcohol Assessing Agencies and/or ADETS Education Organizations
Carter Center974 Pleasant Ridge RoadElkin, NC 28621County: WilkesContact: Phillip CarterPhone: 336-874-8220E-mail Out of State Reviews Donlin Counseling Services402 C StreetN.Wilkesboro, NC 28659County: WilkesContact: Don CheekPhone: 336-838-7371E-mail ADETS Provider DWI S...
DWLR impaired REVOCATION...I received DWI back 2009 and DWI 2001
Both cases were handle by lawyers which included fines,courts cost,community and evaluation and classes..However I did not complete evaluation and classes. Recently 2017 received ticket for DWLR IMPAIRED REVOCATION.. My current attorney says it will be as misdemeanor what consequences could I possibly be facing? I am trying to take evaluation and classes prior to court date.and ...restore license but I am not sure how many hours will be requested.I don't want to complete class and still have to face jail time and or another year suspension...
You have an attorney. This is a discussion you should be having with him. The more you have completed the better...
What can happen to me for a DWI and FTA from 1991 in NC
Evidently I was charged with a DWI in NC but I left the state before I went to court and to be absolutely honest I don't even remember this but it is causing issues with my present license. I have lived in Alaska for more than 23 years now
I guess the folks at Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles issued you a license at some time in the past but will not...