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I've lost my license for ten years and now I'm five year into it. Can I get my license back sooner?
Ive had multiple dwi's (young and dumb) since then I ve served my time,completed my probation, classes and paid all my fines. I'm also required by the state to pay child support but I'm having a hard time getting back and forth to work to keep all this working. I really need help
Depending on what your driver record looks like, you may be eligible to file a petition in the county of your residence...
I recently got my 3rd dwi. My last one was 13 years ago. I didn't blow. Is it mandatory in Jefferson County to go to jail?
I have a job, kids, I'm the scout leader etc. I haven't been in trouble since I got my last one in college. My current attorney says i have to take the felony charge and spend a month in jail. We have not be tk court and I now have a warrant. I am not happy and do not feel comfortable with my current situation.
If you have two prior findings of guilt for DWI, and both satisfy the requirements for a prior, you will be charged...
I received a DUI in Illinois the other night. I'm on unsupervised probation for my first DWI in Missouri. What can happen ??
This is my second DWI My first was last year in June. Am I going to be going to jail???
It depends upon where you received the DUI and the facts of the offense. Some counties will give a jail sentence but...
Im trying to find a lawyer to help get my car back after my ex signed the title to my car while i was in the drunk tank
she signed her name to my title without me knowing nor asking her while i was in the drunk tank and cause she was mad i destroyed her apartment and even told me not to get mad cause she signed it while i was in there and she told her cousin that she signed it and her cousin that she shouldnt of done that cause she wasnt there at the original signing of the title and bill of sale which my cousin has a copy of the bill of sale with her signature. shes had it since une 27 when she asked me to take it to de soto to her mom and kid and said thats fine and she told me that she would be around noon on june 28 and she called me and told she wasnt coming back cause a seventeen year old told her that her cousin the seventeenyrs olds dad and i was talking crap on her
You need to a contact a local contract attorney - or perhaps a family law attorney given your situation.
Will my 2nd DUI conviction from another state cause problems at the status hearing for my unsupervised probation?
I was put on unsupervised probation for two years and then moved to a different state. I completed the conditions in another state but got charged with 2 DUI's. Will this revoke my probation even if it was in another state?
Very well might. If you don't have an attorney on this yet, you need to get one. If not breaking the law was part of...
Arrested on speeding (No-DUI/DWI) .. will it affect my H1-B visa stamping?
I was arrested,Photographed, and fingerprinted for speeding 65 on 35 in 2011 in the state of MO, hired an attorney and paid the ticket in full. ''NO-DUI/DWI'' Planning to go for H1B Visa stamping in FEB 2016, will it have any effect on my H1 B stamping? Also i don't have any documents regarding my arrest, except the abstract copy from DMV-MO. The Arrest ticket was not showing in the Abstract copy. 1. While Filling DS-160 do I need to say yes for the question have you been ever Arrested or Convicted? 2. Does the immigration officer know about my arrest record ? 3. What documents I need to get from the court ? 4. What are my chances of getting successful H1B Visa stamping ? 5. If I get 22l(g) for the above reason how long shall i need to wait to get the Approval?
A speeding ticket will have no immigration/visa effect whatsoever. Be sure to disclose it if you must, with paperwork...
Can a person testify for the government having a federal indictment and dwi then testify 3 days later
Testifying against me for the government after being indicted and DWI three days before the court hearing and not brought up
Yes, a person can testify against you under those circumstances. The question is whether or not the prosecutor knew...