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I live In fayetteville, nc and august of last year (2013) me and my girlfriend at the time were leaving the bar and driving home. She was driving, but it was my car so we get pulled over the officer gives her a sobriety test and she gets a .08 which I thought was the legal limit anyways but he arrested her charged her with a DUI and charged me with a accessory to her DUI (never even heard of that before) now fast forward to present date my court date was yesterday morning, but I knew nothing about it I was never served papers or anything I had a lawyer but he never even kept in touch with me and dropped my case from lack of payment so they issued a warrant for me (they dropped my exs charge for the .08 but they still want me. What should I do to clear this up? can I plead out?
Show up tomorrow morning and explain it to the judge, the longer you wait the worse it will look.
In 2010 I was charged and convicted of habitual DWI and served two years. Upon being released I had a WRIT performed to see if I had any other pending charges so I could leave the state of North Carolina and was told there was none. It has been 4 years now and I'm just finding out I have a DWI charge from 2006 and do not live in that state anymore. Are there any options?
You need to hire a lawyer to recalendar the old 2006 case and represent you. You might get lucky in that the State may...
Since the incident I have not received any negative counseling statements; I have actually been awarder the Good Conduct Medal, and 2 Army Achievement Medals. I have attended WLC and graduated in a Staff position, and have received multiple positive counseling. I have never failed a PT test, and have always qualified as expert. I ETS in 5 months and 3 days, and now I am being presented with this chapter; at the time I received my chapter I was in a different unit and I informed my NCO; My incident also came up on the bladder report. I lost my driving privileges on post for a year. is this even legal, don't we have a due process?
I am not sure what part of this you think might be illegal. It is standard practice for the command to revoke your on...
Convicted of dui 2 yr. unsupervised probation
No, it will be a requirement whenever you go to get your license conditionally restored.
I have court on April 25. I went on Friday the 4th. But it was highly recommended by my po that i ask for a court appointed lawyer...due to the nature of my case. Which is probation violation. I have to do an alcohol treatment class which i can not afford. $600 for... 40 hours if im not mistaken. The price im certain about the hours im not. And i can't afford that by any means. So since it's state law, i have to go to court to determine if they'll let me go or if they will throw me in jail for 12 months. Court was continued to the 25th. Would it be realistic to ask my lawyer to move my court date up?
It sounds like you have court for a probation violation? You definitely will want to be represented because if the...
Was put on 12 months probation for dwi. I've completed 8 months to date. I have paid all my fines. Only one violation which is leaving the state for a month for a funeral even though i tried to request but failed to get a reply after several attempts. It ends in june but I'm trying to get out sooner than that.
Your original judgment will need to be modified to either shorten the term of probation or to transfer you to...
Friend was driving, they wreck their car. Someone else called 911 and stated I was driving. Police show up arrested me for DUI. I stated to them I was not driving. They let my friend go. I was given a breathalyzer and blew a .06 and was release on my own accord. My friend stated they were driving but I was still arrested.
Your claim that you were not driving is a defense frequently used--most times without success. You will need to...