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Can I get my license back without an attorney? When?
I was convicted of a DUO March 2015. Soon will be a year. I am on 2yr supervised probation but have paid a) fees completed clinic classes also. I have never been violated or convicted of any crime while on probation. When am I eligible to reinstate my license?
Contacting the counsel who assisted you at the time of your conviction would seem to be a useful call, as would the...
3 dwi's in first 6 months of 2015.
I have already plead to 2 but have one pending. Can I be charged/sentenced for the third. Somewhere I heard you can only be charged for 2 at the same time or something to that effect....please advise
What you heard is not correct. The State can, and certainly will, prosecute you on every DUI you have been charged with....
Absconding vs. saying "to hell with it" and not reporting to probation officein the first place, leaving the state. DWI charg
I was recently sentenced to probation for DWI but have a couple days before meeting with my P.O. to sign the papers, etc. Is there a differnce in absconding and the latter mentioned above? Is there a limitation on probation i.e. if I stay out of trouble for the term of my probation am I good, etc. If caught down the road, how long can they hold me until NC decides to pick me up, or not? Please feel free to embellish on different scenerios....as well as any advise as to my rights under those hypothetical circumstances Thx.
Not showing up to probation and absconding are the same thing. You cannot just wait for your probation period to run...
I have three dwi on my driving record can I get one taking of my driving record My licesnce is in North Carolina. I ben told yes
My last dwi ticket was 2007 I have one in 2005 and one 1998 I just need one off my driving record so I can get promote. I already have my license back but I want to get promote and they told me no because on my dwi so I need one off at least.
No, there is no statute or law in NC I am aware of that allows you to take one of the DWIs off your record if you were...
Why was the SGT counsel twice for the same DWI ?
The SGT was counsel for a DWI he received off post by the Battalion Commander recommendation was a GOMAR, FLAG and ASAP. Brigade told her no they told her to lift the flag and put a different flag on him recommending chapter 14-12c for misconduct can they do that he has not received any counsel from TDS. I think the SGT rights have been violated.
Your question is more rhetorical, I trust, than seeking actual legal advice. My answer would be that the staffing of...
DUI while on meds
I was recently pulled over on post and charged with a DUI. Tried to explain to the arresting officer about my health issues and meds to no avail. They tried the breathalyzer, but I was unable to provide a sample due to lung issues due to surgery (inability to hold breaths for too long). Is it possible to get the case dismissed on those grounds? How come I'm not being charged also with reckless driving as that was the reasoning behind the traffic stop?
No, the case will not get dismissed based on your health issues or inability to provide a breath sample. You will...
Can a dui charge with a BAC of .12 be dismissed or downgraded to a reckless driving charge in North Carolina?
The citation states that: driver was driving 'left of center'. This happened in Fayetteville, North Carolina (Cumberland County). This was a first DUI and no criminal record of any kind...the driver is an 11year active military service member, in good 'professional standing'
No, it won't be dismissed or reduced for those reasons. As someone who does a lot of DWIs in Cumberland County, your...