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Can I get charged with a DUI and probation ?
After a night out with my friends and I took them all home, I pulled into a parking lot to look for my phone. I didn't know where I was and I wanted to make sure I was going the right way. I was exhausted from coming off 2 16 hour shifts working in a sports bar. The next thing I know I am surrounded by 6 cops. I was arrested and took the breathalyzer in the feild and in jail but all of my paper work and ticket I received said I refused breathalyzer on both sets of papers. There is no evidence of alcohol in my system. Can I still get charged?
Of course you can be charged. The real question is if the charges will stick. It sounds like you may have several...
If I was arrested and then charged with a public intoxication while I was driving can they still charge me with a DUI?
I was driving the car I've got into a wreck got out of the car they told me that I was charged with public intoxication and took me to jail and then released me the next morning can they still charge me with a DUI
Yes, technically they still have time to charge you if they chose to. Hire a criminal defense lawyer here locally on...
Why hasn’t my license been suspended yet for DUI?
I have a pending dui and was not arrested. Will my license get suspended when I get summoned for court? It has been a month and I checked to see if my license has been suspended on ALVerify and it is still valid. I am stressing because I don’t know what’s going on??
There appear to be some facts missing - you state that you have a "pending DUI and was not arrested." That is a legal...
How and when should I go about turning myself in?
I was doing time in Russell county jail and while there I was sent to lee county to take my time (plea out) Russell county released me and lee county never came. What should I do?
First, you need to find out what the bond is for the Lee County case. How much? Is it cash only, can you use a bail...
Will a 15 year old DUI from Florida show up on Alabama driving record?
Was just arrested for DUI in AL, have a fairly clean driving record the past 10 years aside from a couple of tickets. My question is will a DUI from over 15 years ago automatically show up on my driving record? My attorney was unsure whether the prosecutor would see it or not and I'm concerned how that can affect the outcome of my case. I should have fought it but was young and didn't have the money, I was in the passenger's seat of a car when the driver got out to speak with people after a concert.
If the prosecutor runs an NCIC background check, it will be on there. Some prosecuters don’t run an NCIC check while...
What happens if parolee gets DUI after moving to a new state 1,000 miles away?
Sequence of events: 1) Parolee moved 1000 miles away after getting out on parole from assault charge. 2) Parolee has new parole officer in new state. 3) Parolee gets DUI in new state. So what happens now? Will he/she have to go back to State where he/she was original incarcerated? One cop said "No way, it's too expensive, he'll have to get picked up at some point down there" and another one said "It's the law, he has to go".
It depends. Different states have different laws concerning parole violations. So, it depends on the law of the state...
Am I getting alcohol test or drug test?
Got a dui. Passed my initial first drug screen got out on level one and color code. Even after the initial test they still only drug tested me, then finally I was tested for alcohol, I have passed every test went to see my cro officer for our monthly visit, and I’m getting off of everything next month! But got to go for a test tomorrow, on the results paper that they give me the first two said negative for drugs then when they did the alcohol it said negative for alcohol , so am I just being tested for alcohol now?
Usually, they are testing for both alcohol and drugs. Because of your DUI arrest, you need to assume that you are...