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I have 6 driving without a license tickets in Missouri ive never had a dwi or anything like im worried about going to pirson.
My friends nor family had a car i had to get back and fourth to work i was caught six times and giving tickets for not having a license coming and going to work ive never been in trouble before and im worried about going to prison.
If you take convictions on the driving while suspended (DWS) charges, then you may end up in jail or prison. You should...
How do I get probation violations expunged concerning driving without a license and refusals to blow 20 years ago?
I would like to drive a school bus, however I can not due to my criminal record of 20 years ago concerning refusals to blow, driving while revoked while on probation, carless and imprudent, DWIs x2. I was very wild and in rock bands back then.
If all of those charges are out of Missouri, then you likely do not qualify for expungement under current Missouri law....
Can I fight a driving on revoked class d felony, if the reason for the traffic stop was because he knewhe had no license
A couple days ago my husband and I was pulled over my a cop when we was doing nothing wrong and when I asked why we was being pulled over I was informed because my husband was suspended and wasn't to be driving. But the car is not registered in his name or licensed in his name so I asked what was the probably cause for pulling me over and he said again cause he did not have a license. I don't believe that they can do that when hes name does not come back in the vechicle to give reason to pull it over. He knew who Raymond was from running his name the week before when we had an incident with our neibor and they called the cops, but no contact was ever made with Raymond or I over it. Is that legal
Based on the information that you're providing here it sounds like the officer did perform an illegal stop. I would...
Received a DWI, I did EVERYTHING that was required of me, have had IID for 8 months..didn't pay $45. Could they backdate it??
I received a DWI in April 2015. When I called the DOR (Missouri) to get all the information and details on what I needed to do to be reinstated, what to take to the business where I would install the device, etc, I was told that the "reinstated" period was AFTER all other things. In essence, that I would have the 30 days without driving, then 60 more days restricted driving, and that by September 16th, I would need to have installed the device and thereafter I would call back, pay a fee to have it removed and receive my license back, and be done with it. I did all those things. I have now had the device for 8 months, no violations. Last week, I called the DOR to say that my time was coming to an end with the ignition interlock and was calling to find out what to do now. They told me that the time never started because I didn't complete everything before. I said what the person last summer told me and they said, I did do everything except pay the $45 fee - I again stated that I didn't do that on purpose, I was told that i would do that after. Does anyone have experience with this and can I fight to have the time backdated, since I've had the IID for 8 months, no problems??!
It appears that you didn't do all that was required to start the clock
I got lean on license in Missouri last eight years , moved ks and been rough, wasn't my fault seriously . Save grandparents home
I got my licence sus in 2007 . Was moving my vehicle and didn't have insurance was saving pay sales Taxses . And owe got lean on license in mo . If u help me thanks million my feet hurt , miss license .
What's the question? You should hire an attorney near where you live. If Missouri. If not then a Missouri attorney...
I have a felony DWI that is going to be 15yr and two DUI mis that are20to25 years old can I get them expunged in mo.
Help please
No. Please read 577.054, 610.122, and 610.140. Sadly, they offer you no relief.
Got a DWI & was wondering if they will drug test me at my court date? 19 years old
Haven't smoked since this has happened in mid September, but before the DWI I smoked 1-3 times a week, so I don't know if it's out of my system. Already went to court to set court date for the sentencing plead not guilty & have an attorney. I just want to know if drug testing me is even a possibility. Thank you for any responses
You hired an attorney. This is an excellent question to ask the attorney you hired. I encourage you do just that.