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Can a dwi be expunged even if I plead guilty ?
Need to clear my driving record for insurance purposes ..
No. A DWI cannot be expunged in Texas if you are found guilty. Only if the case is dismissed or you're found not guilty...
When will a dwi come off of my driving record ? Will it go by offense date or conviction date ?
Will this come of my driving record by offense date or conviction date ?
Convictions NEVER "go off" your record. How the conviction affects your auto insurance rates depends on the individual...
When does a dwi come off of my driving record ? Will it go by offense date , or conviction date ?
I am an over the road truck driver . I got a dwi in Dec of 2013 . My company couldnt insure me until late it clears my driving record . Dec . Of this year makes 3 years off the offense but I wasn't convicted until Feb of 2015 . Will this clear by the offense date or the conviction date ?
Your actual DWI conviction will always follow you however your driver's license suspension is for a definite amount of...
Confinement to Commence: 08/16/2016 2 Years, State Jail, State Jail Facility Suspended 4 Years supervised probation
does this mean no jail time as long as conditions met?
The answer is "yes" but Avvo won't just let me answer with so few characters. Good Luck
Should i be honest with my probation officer if I've violated a probation on an interlock device?
I've completed everything the court has asked me to do for my probation.
You should always be honest with your probation officer. Period.
I'm 47, no prior criminal history at all. Is Pretrial Diversion realistic in Harrison County, Texas? Kenda Culpepper current DA
It is my understanding that Mike Anderson got rid of DIVERT & was considering Pre Trail Diversion. I am a highly respected female professional and am highly concerned about my reputation. I am typically a law abiding, moral, religious, & ethical. I have 2 elementary age children who know nothing about my offense. I honestly was not aware I was even possibly intoxicated when I got behind the wheel and that is the truth. I face my Arrangement next month and am wondering how likely, even though my alcohol blood level was elevated, to be considered for Pre Trial Diversion or even reduced to reckless driving. I am beyond remorseful, so much I've told no one and haven't even had 1 drink and gotten behind the wheel of a car since arrested. That was 10 months ago. Thanks for any feedback!
Hire a good attorney that offices in that county. If you don't know anybody that lives there you can talk to some local...
I have an in home breathalyzer DWI2nd I didn't blow in it for 4 days. Will I be revoked and if so how much jail time can I get ?
I have to breath in it 3 times a day, last month I missed 4, PO said to just be careful not to miss anymore. This month my brother whom I was living with wouldn't let me in the house, due to a disagreement which the Rockwall PD have a record of to get my machine. He kept saying he would meet me at his house but wouldn't show or answer phone calls. I finally got it back and there are 15 misses . What are my chances of going to jail and if so , how much jail time ?
You did not ssy what your original sentence was, so I cannot answer your question. Doeak to an experienced criminal...