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  • Jewel the comfort dog returns home from Orlando

    Tuesday Jul 19 | via KSFY 

    The comfort dog named Jewel that was in Orlando helping victims after that heinous nightclub terrorist attack is now back home in Tennessee. The patients at National HealthCare Corporation in Farragut, Tennessee are so happy to have Jewel back beside them, helping them through their difficult time.


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Farragut Law

Custody and DUI
If I have half custody now and received DUI's, can the other parent automatically get granted 100% custody, or would they need an attorney to pursue?
If you have the Court approved Permanent Parenting Plan in place then she would have to go through the steps to modify...
I'm getting charged with a duo and I wasn't driving under the influence of anything
What can I do I can't go to jail loose my license because I have a wife that can't drive and I have a son that I have to take everywhere
You need to get an attorney. Thats really all you can do right now.
Is possible to be convicted of a DUI and be unaware of it?
Today I received a letter from the Dept of Homeland Security that my license had be revoked due to a DUI conviction in Feb of 2012 and that I could reapply for my license on April 17, 2013. I have never been arrested for a DUI or ticketed for the same. I have retained insurance, renewed my registration and license and obtained a professional healthcare license, and passed background checks for work in a ER past that date. I was just accepted to medical school starting in August and am afraid my status with them will be negatively affected by this. Can I be convicted with a DUI without ever being stopped for an alcohol related issue or ever receiving notification of said offense?
No. This sounds like a mistake. You should call the phone number listed on the letter you received and explain you...
My boyfriend got 2nd DUI and ICE got hold on him what can I do for him
He don't got papers and when he got 1st time DUI .ICE Got Hold on him also and he when to immgreshan court month ago they give him 2 month probation
Duplicate question... However, you should retain an experienced criminal defense attorney who specializes in DUI. I...
Do I have ground for suing a police officer?
I was arrested for DUI when I was completely sober. The officer who arrested me told me many times, as well as two witnesses, that he believed I was not under the influence. He made me drive my vehicle to a different location to do the sobriety test, but left that part out of the police report. I believe the fact that he omitted that out of the police report could help my case, as well as any recorded audio/video conversations we had. It was a marijuana DUI. My video will show that I performed fine on the sobriety test, but he claims I performed poorly. It was a totally false arrest, and he knew it. Any chance I could sue?
It could be possible to sue, but you should first want to find a local lawyer.
My boyfriend got 2nd DUI and ice got hold on him what can i do To help him
And he got 2 years probation with Immigration
The best thing you can do is retain a criminal defense attorney for him. Use the link above to search for an attorney...
Is Tennessee a Dram Shop Law State? Alcohol
I'm referring to selling alcohol and the law regarding damages of alcohol related civil damages. Can an attorney please explain the difference between a state this is or is not a Dram Shop Law state? Thank you.
Tennessee is. See .C.A. § 57-10-101 and T.C.A. § 57-10-102 . A dram shop state is one that assigns liability to a bar...