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I was hit by a drunk driver who was 100% at fault. I had surgery to repair a midfoot foot fracture and ACL/Meniscus surgery.
I have been off work for 6 months and will probably be off work for another 6-12 months. Both of my injuries are on the same leg. My attorney charges a 33% contingency fee or an hourly rate. Since my case seems pretty straightforward, would it be more cost effective for me to pay the hourly rate up front as opposed to the contingency?
This is a very good question, however, it really is very difficult to answer. Rarely, if ever, are things...
Jail options on 3rd DUI
What will my options be for potential work release if I am convicted on a 3rd DUI? I have 2 amazing kids and a great job that supports my wife and them. I am fighting the merits of the case but need to prepare for the worst. What are the chances I am able to keep this from my employer and keep my job if convicted. I cannot lose this job as i am the one that supports our family. So scared.
It really depends on the judge. Some will grant work release in certain cases and others will not. An experience...
I was arrested for a 2nd owi in Michigan, is it possible to get a restricted license to and from work in lieu of the suspension
I have a previous owi and will fall under the superdrunk law on this recent arrest
You can't fall under the Super Drunk charge if this is your second offense becuse it only applies to first offenses....
I have a outstanding abscond 2 warrant out of the 6th circuit court for violation of probation. It stems from a 3rd offense dui.
I now live in FL and I would like to know when/if I hand myself in want kind of punishment I would be facing. I could call my former probation officer, but I'd rather not do that. Can an attorney find out for me what I might be facing without me having to pay them up front. If the punishment isn't to steep I would hire an attorney and hand myself in. I now have a wife and son here in FL, but I can't find work due to this warrant. By the way my judge is Bowman. Thanks.
An attorney can look into this for you. You should know bowman is the most difficult judge in an already difficult...
Had car accident did not have reg and proof of insurance and was arrested. At precinct had blank Pill bottle with percocet.
Police did pill test and blood test and took me to hospital. Passed out in hospital and was diagnosed with concussion and kept a few days. I'm a managed pain pt and medicine belong to me. I receive 120 monthly and carry like 8 in my purse. Can this be dismissed. I have proof. Hospital checked maps system and was giving me the drug in hospital also including contacting pharmacy for all my scripts.
It will be very helpful in your defense if you have the proper prescription. We're you charged with operating under the...
Violated felony probation
I violated my felony probation(3rd offense dui) by failing to show up at probation in late Jan, my p.o showed up at my families residence looking for me. They did not know where I was and they told him so he gave them a letter stating I was to show up at his office on Feb 4th or they would issue a bench warrant. I did not, before this apparent violation I had 6 months left of my term, I am fully paid off and have completed all the conditions of my probation. Nobody has come back to my families residence to serve a warrant or even come looking for me. They haven't received any mail or phone calls from probation or the court for me. Also, I check OTIS and all it shows is that I'm a probationer not an absconder. I am out of state and wondering if there is a warrant out there for me.
Many counties have online resources which are available to the public to review documents that have been filed for all...
If i missed one test it will be considered violation probation?
i have in-home device for a one month. yesterday i slept and i didn't blow at time, i think i missed a test, then i wake up at 1:00 am i blow. whats going to happen? i already have one violation? my probation officer is always rude with me. is possible ill go to jail for this? im sorry for the grammar mistakes i only one year in U.S.A
It is possible to go to jail for any violation of your terms of probation. Having said that, you should contact your...