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  • Police asking for help identifying assaulter

    Sunday Sep 24 | via WXYZ 

    The Farmington Public Safety Department is seeking help in identifying a man wanted for questioning in an assault of a 32-year-old Farmington woman. The suspect approached the victim who was walking to her residence at the Jamestown apartment complex on Grand River Avenue east of Halsted Road.


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Farmington Law

Can you get a dui for having illegal prescription drug in system without taking them the day of?
The short answer is yes. Operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of certain types of prescription...
Field Sobriety Tests in Michigan
I am not in trouble for drinking and driving. This was an information question only. Are you required to submit to field sobriety tests in Michigan ? Is there a penalty for refusing? I was always told to never answer questions without a lawyer present and I personally consider a Field Sobriety Test the same as answering questions but I dont want to get myself in trouble if it ever happens and I refuse. Thanks for taking the time to respond.
Once you are arrested, the officer should tell you that if you choose to take a test, then you also have the right to...
Should I expect to get a call to take another test before my court date?
My dui case (1st offense) in the 47th district court (Farmington Hiils) was continued until January, as terms of my bond I had to take a urine test, which I passed. The judge said I could be called at any point to take another before my court date but I was not given a color or anything.
As long as you are on bond or probation, you should assume you will be called upon to test at any time.
Can my Dui records be removed from public if i am convicted for OWVI in Michigan after 5 years ?
Can my Dui records be removed from public if i am convicted for OWVI in Michigan after 5 years ?
Unfortunately, no. Drinking and driving offenses cannot be expunged or removed from your criminal history record.
I was hit by a drunk driver who was 100% at fault. I had surgery to repair a midfoot foot fracture and ACL/Meniscus surgery.
I have been off work for 6 months and will probably be off work for another 6-12 months. Both of my injuries are on the same leg. My attorney charges a 33% contingency fee or an hourly rate. Since my case seems pretty straightforward, would it be more cost effective for me to pay the hourly rate up front as opposed to the contingency?
This is a very good question, however, it really is very difficult to answer. Rarely, if ever, are things...
Jail options on 3rd DUI
What will my options be for potential work release if I am convicted on a 3rd DUI? I have 2 amazing kids and a great job that supports my wife and them. I am fighting the merits of the case but need to prepare for the worst. What are the chances I am able to keep this from my employer and keep my job if convicted. I cannot lose this job as i am the one that supports our family. So scared.
It really depends on the judge. Some will grant work release in certain cases and others will not. An experience...
I was arrested for a 2nd owi in Michigan, is it possible to get a restricted license to and from work in lieu of the suspension
I have a previous owi and will fall under the superdrunk law on this recent arrest
You can't fall under the Super Drunk charge if this is your second offense becuse it only applies to first offenses....