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  • Police: Farmington Men Arrested For Fighting, Knocki...

    Sep 2, 2015 | via The Hartford Courant 

    Two men were arrested for fighting after one allegedly "drove fast" by a group of young kids that had just exited a school bus Tuesday, police said. Thomas Walczyk, 63, of 28 Tunxis St., and Joshua Ashton, 39, of 50 Tunxis St., began to fight after Ashton shouted for Walczyk to slow down while driving past the children at about 3:30 p.m., Farmington police Lt.


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  • Lawyer: 50 Cent will try again to sell Connecticut m...

    Aug 27, 2015 | via Daily Mail 

    Stopped in his tracks... by a SEGWAY! Usain Bolt is floored by scooting cameraman seconds after clinching sprint double at World Championships in Beijing 'She doesn't know how she survived': Husband of woman who escaped alive from TV shooting describes horror of watching live on-screen execution 'We'll be back, folks': Broken-hearted local TV anchors bravely put on morning show celebrating the lives of their colleagues - less than 24 hours after their cold-blooded murders live on air EXCLUSIVE - Family of TV killer apologize to victims' loved ones and say they have 'heavy hearts' - as gunman's former prom date expresses her shock over her 'shy gentleman' childhood friend's actions 'He was driving like a maniac': YouTube video emerges of Virginia gunman Vester Lee Flanagan in July road rage incident Playback time: Cameraman who was murdered on live TV had filmed the moment crazed ... (more)


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Farmington Law

Can police issue a drinking ticket after the fact, with only word of mouth evidence?
My friends and I were at a party a few days ago where we never were in direct contact with the police. However the party ended when a girl was brought to the hospital because of alcohol poisoning, which in turn led to somewhat of a police investigation. None of us were ever breathalyzed, and the only way the police would have known of our participation is through questioning other participants. Recently the police showed up at my friends front door and issued him a drinking citation. Apparently they intend to do the same to everyone else who attended. Can, and how are they able to do this?
I was a passenger in a car that was hit by a drunk driver, they were arrested. How long for it untill this case is settled?
I just finished therapy two weeks ago and was told it could be 45 days until a settlement offer is provided. Yet i was told in the beginning that the insurance company already accepted 100% responsibility for liability for the accident. The driver blew a high Breathalyzer reading an hour after the first reading. There is no question he was at fault given he drove over a curb to hit us. The chiropractor has sent in his medical notes to my attorney. When should a settlement materialize?
Your lawyer is in the best position to answer this question for you, as he is dealing with the insurance company. Give...
What to expect in court for a dui in ct and I'm from nh.
Heavy traffic, had a few for stressed, rearended someone.
If you do not hold a Commercial Driver's License and this is your first arrest for DUI, then you may be eligible for...
Can I file a subsequent civil suit against the town and police department in which I was arrested, then acquitted of DUI?
I was arrested for DUI, but found the entire bizarrely excessive at the time. I refused SFST's and arrived at booking. Couldn't contact my attorney, so I called my girlfriend, who's vehicle it was and was also the passenger to try to contact an attorney before I did anything else. She quickly informed me the arresting officer was a well known family acquaintance of hers. He harassed her about dating "a guy like me" and humiliated her for several minutes. I refused any questioning or breathalyzer when she told me this in processing. My lawyer is now getting the case tossed in criminal court with a suspicion of cohersion on the officer's part. It is easy to prove he knew my girlfriend, as she taught his kids for several years. There is tangible evidence. Should I pursue damages?
If you believe that your civil or constitutional rights were violated, you should hire an attorney to investigate your...
I'm "suspended for life",3rd d.u.i.. I live in Ct. The last two were in 2001. Do I need interlock to ride 49cc scooter-moped?
suspended for life means a hearing at M.V.D. I was suspended back in 2001 for third D.W.I. I have become fully disabled since 2002. Since then I served 1 year of incarceration where I was allowed to attend an alcohol treatment and education program that was required by the court. It seems that after 12 years absolutely nobody has any record of this, including M.V D. , I'm a totally different person these days with alcohol use way behind me. I can hardly walk and need a simple moped-scooter-49cc to relieve the burden to the tax payers for local transportation around town for doctors and small necessities. I can't afford a car or motorcycle on tiny fixed income, so do I need another alcohol class and an interlock device to occasionally use it for very local errands ?
This is an easy answer. They don't make IIDs for mopeds or motorcycles, so the question is mute.
I was pulled over by a police officer after having 4 beers, but got arreted (DUI). what should i do?
I was pulled over by a police officer after having 4 beers. I passed 3/4 driving tests but I stopped at missisipi #21 (which i shouldn't have because I was supposed to go endless). What should I do now? I need my drivers license to go to work...
I doesn't matter how many field sobriety tests you passed. Or how many beers you had.....Stop posting the details....
Do I need an attorney for a drinking while driving offense? No DUI. What punishment(s) am I most likely to face?
I was pulled over for rolling through a stop sign. The officer saw an open beer in my cup holder. I was given a sobriety test, which I passed (no B.A.C. taken). I have no previous moving or alcohol related violations/infractions, and a completely clean record (i.e., I've never been arrested before).
At the very least you should set up a consultation with a criminal lawyer to discuss your case. Especially for a...