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I got dui in 2014 I've paid my fines been trying to complete classes and community service got a petition to revoke what happens
Have had liver surgery, double hernia surgery then emergency surgery to remove infection now have spot on lung
The state will try to prove that you willfully failed to comply with your original sentence. If you can provide...
How do I get my license back after DUI was dismissed?
Officer was called to VERBAL DOMESTIC. I had a warrant in which I was placed under arrest. I was not nice (verbally) to the office on the way to jail. After arrival he charged me with DUI and write false statements. After DUI was dismissed, I received a 'driving in revoked' ticket...not knowing I was revoked.
Sorry for you troubles. Call your State's department of public safety (DPS) or equivalent and inquire whether your...
If I received court supervision on a DUI three years ago, and just recently got another does the first one come back?
I got a DUI three years ago, and received a years court supervision and it doesn't show on my record. I recently got another DUI, and refused to do the breathalyzer. Will this be considered my first or does the first one come back into play beens I received another.
The prior will count in terms of sentencing, mandatory minimums, license suspension and revocation. If you are still...
Can I drive my boyfriends truck if he blows in the baiid. That is the only transportation we have right now.?
He has a permit to drive to work and back that's it.
If driving is not to or from work, the vehicle should not be driven. Your boyfriend should contact his attorney if you...
What are my legal options as far as civil lawsuits vs a drunk driver that killed my child
Saturday evening my daughter was killed by a repeat offender drunk driver I would like to know what entities I am able to file a lawsuit against my daughter just turned 16 and had a full life in front of Drunk Driver has been arrested and charged criminally if that helps in your response
I am very sorry for your loss. You should discuss your situation in person, and not online, with a personal injury or...
Will my restricted driving permit from the state of Illinois be valid for work in Missouri?
I have two DUI convictions in Illinois, and have been granted a RDP. The time from the last conviction has been over two years. I am wondering if my RDP from Illinois will be valid for the state of Missouri, as I am going to be moving to, and working in St. Louis. Any help is appreciated.
Illinois issued the permit on the basis you were an Illinois resident. Once you move to MO, you would have to check...
I was not given a ticket for a DUI (only for not signalling): will I be prosecuted for a DUI?
I blew a .79 at the station and the officer indicated that he would "let the state's attorney decide," whether or not to prosecute me. I only received a ticket for not signalling. Does this mean I will not be charged with DUI?
No, the citation does not eliminate the potential for the prosecutor to try for a DUI although the proofs would seem...