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Farmers Branch Crime

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  • Crime spree ends after robbers drive themselves to F...

    Friday Jun 24 | via SFGate 

    Chrisheena Milburn, 25, is one of four Houston thieves who drove straight to the FBI's headquarters after robbing a man in Dallas on Tuesday, June 21, 2016. Chrisheena Milburn, 25, is one of four Houston thieves who drove straight to the FBI's headquarters after robbing a man in Dallas on Tuesday, June 21, 2016.


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  • The burglars broke into the CVS at 2899 Forest Lane ...

    Tuesday Jun 14 | via Dallas Morning News 

    Prosecutors say a Lancaster man on trial this week laid waste to a CVS store last summer in a failed attempt to crack open the cash machine inside. Up to six men broke into the Farmers Branch convenience store on Aug. 4, police say, but only one of them has been arrested and tried.


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  • Death Watch: The Merits of Hypnosis-Induced Testimon...

    Wednesday Jun 1 | via The Austin Chronicle 

    Charles Don Flores received a stay of execution from the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals just six days before his scheduled execution date of June 2. On May 19, the court had received a series of motions filed by Flores' attorneys arguing that their client should have his execution stayed and be granted a new trial because the merits of his conviction were potentially rooted in junk science namely, a pivotal witness who was only able to identify Flores at the scene of the murder after police put her under hypnosis in order to secure a testimony. Flores, 46, was sentenced to death after being found guilty of capital murder for the killing of Betty Black , who was found dead in her house in Farmers Branch on the morning of Jan. 29, 1998.


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  • Death row inmate in Farmers Branch slaying wins repr...

    May 29, 2016 | via Dallas Morning News 

    A man set for execution in the slaying of a 64-year-old Farmers Branch grandmother during a 1998 burglary has won a reprieve because a witness identified him after undergoing hypnosis. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals stopped the scheduled lethal injection of 46-year-old Charles Don Flores last week.


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  • Texas Court Halts Execution in Dallas Murder

    May 27, 2016 | via Texas Tribune 

    Charles Don Flores, 46, was convicted in the 1998 murder of 64-year-old Elizabeth "Betty" Black during a home burglary In his latest appeal, filed to the state's high court about two weeks ago, his attorneys argued that Flores should get a new trial because the linchpin of the state's original case was based on the "fundamentally flawed" hypnosis of Black's neighbor Jill Bargainer, who testified as an eyewitness in Flores ' trial. "Lynn said the hypnosis was done horribly wrong ... and likely caused a false memory that identified Charles," said Greg Gardner, Flores' attorney.


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Farmers Branch Law

Are there any travel restrictions to Guatemala or Nicaragua with a DWI or DUI?
As I understand it, Canada has some super strict rules on travel after a conviction for DWI or DUI. I'm wondering if there are any issues with travel to Guatemala or Nicaragua after a conviction? My significant other has to travel there this year and next for work. We have the final court date today for conviction and we can ask our lawyer then, but I'm looking for a quick answer beforehand. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
You will face trouble if you leave the country before a verdict is handed down. That is probably the most obvious...
Can I get a dwi from only taking Lisinopril or Zoloft ?
I'm worried that I can be busted for this because the prescription bottles state "may cause drowsiness."
DWI = driving while impaired. Impaired is not only caused by alcohol.
Can I get off of probation early for a lesser offense DUI for marijuana?
The original charge was felony DUI w/ child under 15 yoa. I agreed to probation for 2 years with other stipulations. Am I eligible for early termination since the charge did not involve alcohol? My blood was and found marijuana.
You entered a plea to be on probation for the felony, or for a reduced misdemeanor charge? Either way, good conduct...
Are there any DWI cases that ever get non-disclosed or expunged?
My wife got her first DWI charge with no criminal record the other day, no car wrecks involved. No breathalyzer test but I believe there was a warrant to give her a blood test without her consent. My question is if there are any type of "deferred" probation or some type of program that would help avoid an actual conviction? Unless the case gets dismissed, is there any way that a DWI case could be expunged and/or non-disclosed?
There is NOT a possibility of a deferred. DWI and murder are just about the only crimes in Texas that you cannot get a...
I hired two attorneys, unintentionally.
My husband was arrested for a 2nd DUI, however, since he was pending legal status, he was placed under ICE hold. I retained attorney #1, however I did not clarify with him that he would represent for both criminal and Immigration cases. I retained attorney #2 without consulting attorney #1. Again, my error since I should of clarified what was being covered for legal fees. I signed a contract with Attorney #1 and with Attorney #2 (about 4 weeks apart). I have already paid substantial legal fees to attorney #1, and some to attorney #2. My question is, can I get some of the money back from attorney #2, since I really should not have hired him as I already had retained legal representation?
It sounds like your husband has two separate issues: (1) Immigration and (2) criminal. Many attorneys only devote...
Which law in Texas allows a Judge to refuse an Interlock Removal Order for up to 1 year after probation ends?
I have two DWIs which were served consecutively (both tried as a DWI 1). My probation has now ended and my PO is telling me that the judge is refusing to sign a removal order. That he has the right to keep it on as "cheap insurance" for up to one year after my probation ends. Can someone please point me in the direction of which law states this, as well as how to go about a motion to remove it. Thanks.
The court has discretion in these matters and it always depends on the specific circumstances of your case. Interlock...
I got arrested for a DWI, I'm under the dreamers act and my renewal is past due, should I still apply for renewal?
It has been over 2 year ago of my offense and I am done with my probation period, my case was classified as misdemeanor class b, I am looking for a lawyer that can take my case thanks [email protected]
You should not post your personal information online. You should contact an attorney directly to review the record and...