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  • Will police respond to your emergency faster if you ...

    12 hrs ago | via Valley News Live 

    Will police respond to your emergency faster if you post a complaint online? It's a question that's being raised in our tech-savy society. Marianna McGinnity of Fargo says, "I think that people want to make their problems public versus actually solving them out of a desire for attention."


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  • Naked man allegedly squeezed police officer's testicles

    Wednesday Aug 17 | via Nothing To Do With Arbroath 

    A naked man was arrested after fighting with police in Fargo, North Dakota, at around 8pm on Thursday. Officers responded to a call of a man with no clothes running down a sidewalk.


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  • Four Muslim inmates suing Cass County jail for being...

    Jul 29, 2016 | via Valley News Live 

    Four Muslim inmates are suing the Cass County jail for allegedly being secretly fed pork, according to a complaint filed in federal court. Ashley Hunter, the man charged with murder in the slayings of two men in north Fargo last summer, and Abdi Sahel, who is charged with simple assault, attempted kidnapping, terrorizing and robbery are two of the men named in the complaint.


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  • Child Porn Extradition Leads to Sexual-Abuse Arrest

    Jul 29, 2016 | via Santa Barbara Independent 

    While a Lompoc Unified School District employee waited in Santa Barbara County Jail for extradition to Fargo, North Dakota, on four felony charges of possession of child pornography, he was charged on July 15 with a new count of continued sexual abuse of a child. Royce Devin Warner, 36, had worked in the print shop at Lompoc Unified since last July and was arrested there on June 20 on the extradition warrant.


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  • Lompoc Man Arrested for Child Sexual Abuse

    Jul 29, 2016 | via Edhat 

    An inmate at the Santa Barbara County Jail who was awaiting extradition to Fargo, North Dakota to face four felony charges of child pornography possession is now facing local charges of child sexual abuse. On July 13, 2016, 36-year-old Royce Devin Warner of Lompoc was arrested for the alleged continued sexual abuse of a child following an investigation conducted the past several weeks by Sheriff's detectives with the Criminal Investigations Division.


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  • More security needed around Roger Maris Museum?

    Jul 27, 2016 | via Valley News Live 

    Hindsight being 20/20, many of us are asking a day later, how was it that someone could so easily and so quickly steal a piece of Fargo history when they broke into the Roger Maris Museum early Tuesday? Mall officials report they have a guard stationed 24/7 outside the exhibits, and they are exploring new long term security measures. So does there need to be more security around such high value items? Someone stole a piece of Fargo, smashing into the West Acres Mall and making off with a Roger Maris MVP plaque and the S. Rae Hickok award.


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  • Juveniles involved in late-night Fargo crimes

    Jul 25, 2016 | via Valley News Live 

    Where are your kids right now, and what are they doing? Do you know? There have been a rash of car break-ins on both the north and south ends of town, and juveniles are right in the middle of those events. Over the weekend, a potentially deadly situation involved kids and two fake guns at the Dike West Skate Park.


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Fargo Law

Can my husband get deported if he has 4 DWI and a burglary felony
I am a US citizen and my husband was here in a work visa when we got married but he got 2 DWI one in 2014 and the other one in 2015 plus the felony he already had 2 prior DWI in 2005 he's under custody at this time waiting for a decision on the I 130 But we been told he'd just loosing he's time
He can be denied adjustment for the multiple DWI's and because they may be indication of alcoholism. Regardless of...
Can the Mn department of public safety impose drivers license reinstatement requirements on a ND resident?
I was charged with dui in ND 9 months after moving to north Dakota from Minnesota but never switched my drivers license over. I am having complications reinstating my license due to MN department of public safety saying my chemical dependancy evaluation does not meet their requirements. Is the Mn DPS outside of their jurisdiction in imposing reinstatement requirements?
No. If you had a MN DL when charged then you must reinstate your MN driving privileges before ND will issue a DL....
Why would someone get charged with "Operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs" VS. being charged with a DUI?
An acquaintance of mine just got charged with "Operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs". Were they more than likely on drugs then drinking since they didn't receive a DUI?
The ND DUI law covers both alcohol and drugs under one statute so I don't think you can say one way or the other if the...
Jail time for a DUI without ever having a drivers license
Was driving while under the influence a week ago and flipped a company truck 3 times and totaled it while drunk. I have court summons next month for this incident, I'm just looking to see how much time I'll be serving in jail for this. Thanks
Need more facts... Are you a minor? Was your licence suspended / revoked / never obtained one? How did you manage to...
I was cited with a minor in consumption of alcohol. Wondering if pleading guilty or not guilty will be better
I got a minor in consumption of alcohol citation and have court on Friday morning. I requested the police report and it is not very accurate. It says I admitted to drinking, but I did not. They never got a Breathalyzer because I had an anxiety attack (due to an officer yelling and calling me names, also not on report). I turn 21 in 3 months and am wondering if this is worth fighting or if I should just plead guilty and pay the fine? Also, what is the longest this will be on my record? I live in North Dakota and have a clean record.
Convictions dont go away. Talk to a local traffic or criminal law attorney. Search for one here on AVVO by using...
My ex husband got a dui fourteen month ago. I moved to another state. His time is over but hasn't changed the plates.
I moved from mn to nd and wondering if nd will change my plates from mn whiskey plates to regular nd plates without him?
If you are living in ND permanently, then you should have the plates switched over. It will save future hassle.
I had a BAC blood test done, I was told it could take up to six months for results. How can I find out if it has been done.
I was arrested for a possible DUI in Minnesota. The officer pulled me over and said I had crossed the center line. I agreed to a field test which I did not know I could refuse. The officer would not tell me if I passed the eye test. I told him I could not do the balance tests because of a post concussion, but I had to do it anyway and he did not need to tell me I did not pass. I had a 0 on the breathalyser. I was arrested and had a blood test for alcohol and drugs. I had another breathalyser test and a urine test and both were negative. This happened over 4 months ago
Perhaps you have nothing to worry about. Do you have a court date? Otherwise, I'm sure you'll be notified one way or...