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How to remove a DWI in a state I never been to?
Someone in California got a DWI and it went on to my driving record. DMV said there was nothing they can do in my state and in California. I have never even been to California I need this removed
You can contact California directly. They make mistakes but are good about correcting them. Or hire a local attorney...
How long does Maryland have to pick up a inmate in Va who has served his time here but being held now for Maryland and will they
My tenant recently got picked up for driving a suspended license. He finished his time to be served this last Sunday. He didn't come home and his girlfriend got worried so I called the jail for her. It turns out he had arrest warrant out for him in Maryland for missing court. The one incident in Maryland shows 15 charges.. 4 types of Dui's, fighting the police, reckless driving, negligent driving, using tags from another vehicle, driving on suspended, different forms refusing to follow an offers orders and more. I listed this because I am floored they let him go in the first place but so you could give accurate advice. I called the District Attorneys office in Maryland and they said he won't be up for bail. I am just trying to help the girlfriend some understand what to expect and do. Any questions I will be happy to answer to be of my ability. Thank you in advance
You should help her by using Avvo "find a lawyer" feature to find her an experienced lawyer in Maryland. He will most...
What does active supervised probation in Virginia look like?
My friend got released from jail on on sept. 30th. Served 25 days. A couple of days before going, he smoked weed. He just took an at home rest and tested positive for weed. His offense was non drug related. It was a felony. Will he get drug tested the first day of probation and if his test is positive what will happen? He hasn't smoked since he got out and has no intentions of smoking anymore.
He could get any unserved jail time back. Should talk to his attorney.
II have an up coming court date and need a continuance, what do I do?
First DWI and need a continuance
Should not be a problem to continue, either for you to get an attorney, or for your attorney to get prepared to defend...
Is there anything I can do to help my DWI case in Stafford VA?
I recently moved to Virginia from Maryland, about 5 months ago. I was eating dinner and rear ended a police car exiting the parking lot. I was charged with a DWI and blew a .17. This is my first offense and first time being arrested. I am aware that BAC above .15 is minimum 5 days of jail time. But I am desperately hoping to avoid going to jail. I would appreciate any advice or insight on my situation. If theres more information I need to provide please ask.
If there is some way you can remove your question online, you should do so. Your question is like a written confession...
Can I still visit my abuser in jail to get closure?
My abuser is in jail and the judge said no contact in part of the sentence. I want to go see hlm so he can tell.me why he treated me the way he did and I can get closure and move forward. I feel the judge robbed me of this. Is there anything I can do to get this important step? The doc offers something similar, victim something, but that process takes a year and wants him to do all these steps to make.sure he is in the right state of mind. I don't want to wait...I just want an answer.
You should contact the Commonwealth Attorney who prosecuted the case.
Can I get my VA real estate license with a dismissed misdemeanor?
I was arrested for petty larceny but not fingerprinted, and my case was dismissed and I was not found guilty. I am planning to file for expungement, but I know that can take months. I am ready to take my VA state real estate exam within the next few weeks, but I am worried because you cannot get your license if you have been "convicted of a misdemeanor of moral turpitude." Does petty larceny fall under that category? If so, since my case was dismissed and I was not actually convicted, will I still be granted my license? My record is otherwise clean.
Petty larceny likely falls under that category, however because your charge was dismissed, you haven't been "convicted."...