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What kind of penalty/penalties could I be facing? Minimum and maximum, any input is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
I was drug tested a month ago with a 12 panel testing kit and failed. I had prescription drugs that were prescribed to me in my urine due to a fall down a set of steps. I was prescribed a muscle relaxer and Tramadol. I tested positive for opiate and amphetamines two days after first taking my meds. I'm not sure if that was the cause of the dirty urine or not. My probation officer said if there were any problems he'd call, and let me go that day without any type of warning or anything. He never called and said there was a problem with my test results (which to the best of my knowledge weren't lab tested). He called me today and wants to meet tomorrow, and didn't sound as happy as he normally does. There's a good chance I will fail for the same thing. But this time not from meds prescribed to me. I quit my habits three days ago and am worried it's not enough time for my body to be completely clean. I've never violated in three years, never tested positive for drugs. I Haven't been in any type of trouble and haven't gotten on my probation officer's bad side ever. I haven't even been late for any of my appointments or missed any. I only have 2.5 months left to go.
If you violate your probation, then you could be re-sentenced. The length of any possible jail time and/ or additional...
Why didnt I get fingerprinted when detained for dui. And if not read implied consent law, since change.
Wasnt read my rights and they didnt tell me that a blood test can be refused now,and implied consent law pu ishment is no longer givin for test refusal.
It is very difficult to competently respond to this question without more information. There has certainly been recent...
If plea bargain paper says 11 weekends of jail but sentencing paper says 33 days which do I have to server
Got a DUI and got sentenced to 11 weekend on one paper and 33 on another which do I have to server courts not givin me an aswer.
Your question is posed under the practice area, "federal crime". DUIs are rarely federal offenses. Therefore, I will...
PSP Criminal Record Check v Court Records
I was arrested for suspicion of DUI and booked at the police station July 3. Since the incident I make daily checks on the usjportal, for the record of the charge & there is nothing found. And I have received nothing in the mail. I am a voulunteer youth cheer coach & per request of the league; submitted in for my background check to the PSP. The arrest is what came back. I went back the portal using the OTN number on file & using that search method; nothing. I figure it was a holiday weekend, so some back up is expected. But, 3 months+ ?? Any insight before my stomach itself?
Is the address in your DL the same address all along? I ask because if you recently move from July, then there is your...
What can I do if I was given a dui, when I was not in the vehicle.
I had been arrested inside a hotel while my car was outside in a parking lot. The cops assumed that I was still under the influence of weed and decided to go search my vehicle, and also charge me with dui/duid since I must have driven to the hotel under the influence. I had smoked the day before and a few hours prior the day of, but when I was driving and when I was in the hotel, I was not under the influence. I was then taken to a local hospital about an hour-hour and a half after I got arrested initially to get blood work done. What can be done from this point on. I am a young college student, with no prior arrests or convictions. This was the first time I got arrested.
What can you do if you were charged with a crime, such as DUI??? The thing to do is call is to your parents. After...
What happens after 3 DUIs?
My friend had 2 DUIs in Virginia a few years back and went to jail for about a month for the 2nd one. Last night, she got a DUI in Pennsylvania. Does this mean she may become a felon since she will have 3 DUIs under her belt? Will she probably go to jail?
DUI is not a felony in Pennsylvania, but she could be looking at a one year mandatory jail sentence if she is found...
Dui related
If i were already charged and have to serve balance, 6 months. Is there a way i can appeal and things can turn on my favor? Or is there a way i would get good time or reduction on my sentence?
I think, based on your question, you are facing a parole violation following a DUI Conviction. The answer is No....