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Do I wait for the court to put me in a Drug Court program or do I do it myself?
Was stop on traffic violation. They arrested me for DUI of pot. Urine test showed pot and meth. I was offered Drug Court. My next court date is Jan. 5.
Use this website to find a handful of DWI attorneys who handle cases in your area, and call them for advice. Drug...
My husband has just been convicted of a 4th dui. Is there a chance he can get out of prison on house arrest?
I know the 305 program exists for this purpose, and with the overcrowding that is currently problematic with the state, I would think they would be anxious to get non-violent offenders out on house arrest so they can ease the prison population and have offenders pay their own way instead of making them a taxpayer burden. What, if anything, could I do to find out more about this and what could I do to hurry the process if it exists? Thanks so much!
You need to contact a local Nevada attorney as soon as possible to get a proper assessment of what your husband's...
Does my friend have to worry about getting charged for a DUI?
He was at the casino a week ago. He had been drinking at the casino and was drunk. Also, he was emotional that day because his girlfriend broke up with him. He checked out of his room and went to the valet and talked with the valet guy. The valet guy noticed he was drunk. He told him he was leaving and the valet guy asked him if he was driving and he said yes. He gave him 2 water bottles and he left and walked to his car and drove home. His worry is that the valet told security he drove home drunk and then security would call the police. And the police could use the cameras of the hotel to see that he was drinking in the casino and possibly even see that he got in his car and drove off. By the way the casino does know his name so they could easily identify him.
I would be surprised if that happened for a lot of reasons. In order to be charged with DUI the prosecution would have...
I have completed one of four dui courses for the las Vegas Justice court can I get an extension to finish the remaining classes
I was arrested with my first dui last year and was ordered to complete 4 dui courses or 8 hours and a victim impact panel course before returning to court on 9/21/2017 and I have only finished one session of the class. I have been having financial hardship this year. My fiance is 33 and has end stage renal failure and has received a kidney transplant. The anti rejection medication is very expensive and she needs it every month. I am also on disability and am paid every four weeks and struggling to make ends meet due to our medical issues. Will I be able to ask the judge for an extension to complete my courses.
It is up to the judge to approve or disapprove an extension. If you have had no prior problems with this matter and...
How long for a blood test for a DUI to come back in Las Vegas?
Pulled over for a DUI and arrested but I was not drinking!!
It is hard to give a definite time period to expect results. Generally, the results are completed within a few months....
How do I appeal the 2 year informal probation and random UA testing on DUI 1st?
For a first DUI, I was sentenced to 30 days suspended sentence 2 years informal probation and random testing. I am following my conditions, but I feel that a year sentence like this is a bit extreme for a first offense. That after the Judge herself told me to just drink at home, which apparently she tells a lot of defendants.
It depends on the situation. If you took a deal, then you are pretty much stuck with what you agreed to unless you...
How does a DUI lawyer calculate a win?
How to pick a dui lawyer this is a fact that can be proven with research.. When discovery is presented to the defense 90% of defendants take the plea in criminal cases . A plea is a lessor sentence than the maximum one might get if it was taken to trial and the defendant lost. No one wants to go to trial why would they ? A defense attorney gets paid upfront defendant takes a plea defense doesn't have to prepare for a trial defense does not lose the trial District attorney didn't spend any money on a trial everyone wins but the defendant who paid for an attorney has to pay fines go to jail or classes wow quite the business everyone has a win to add to there legal resume except the defendant. Why doesn't the state have a division to monitor or backs up what law firms can claim as a victory's . Look at the firms records 4000 case wins and only 200 went to trial so more like 75 wins maybe less . The legal system. make more laws ,make more money, our forefathers would be disappointed to see how it turned out
There is a major flaw in your thinking/ranting. You assume that the prosecutor makes the same plea offer to an...