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  • Crime Report for Jan. 17

    Yesterday | via Martinsburg Journal 

    Karson Z. Carpenter, 23, of Preschool Court, Inwood, was arraigned Nov. 11 in Berkeley County Magistrate Court on the misdemeanor charge of false information to a police officer. David Cain Johnson, 39, of Virginia Avenue, Martinsburg, was arraigned Friday in Berkeley County Magistrate Court on the misdemeanor charges of domestic battery second offense and domestic assault.


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  • New jury trial dates tentatively set

    Friday Jan 5 | via Martinsburg Journal 

    Two jury trials have been tentatively set in the coming months for charges related to assault, delivery of a controlled substance and sexual assault. Christopher W. Rebish, 29, of Aztec Drive, Martinsburg, was indicted by the Berkeley County grand jury on five counts of attempted murder, 21 counts of wanton endangerment and single counts of burglary, first degree robbery and fleeing from a law enforcement officer with reckless indifference and three counts of malicious assault.


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  • Crime Report Dec. 2

    Dec 2, 2017 | via Martinsburg Journal 

    Clifton Curtis Slaughter III, 29, of unknown address, was arraigned Aug. 3 in Berkeley County Magistrate Court on the misdemeanor charges of shoplifting, tresspassing and malicious or unlawful assault. Joshua James Ferguson, 32, of Josiah Street, Hedgesville, was arraigned Thursday in Berkeley County Magistrate Court on the felony charge of driving revoked DUI 3rd offense.


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Falling Waters Law

DUI 2nd offense in WV and DMV delayed decision for 5 years
I got a 2nd DUI in WV in July 2011. The DMV set my hearing for April 2012 I did not get notice of their action until May of 2016 almost 5 years after the fact, I am not going to get an interlock device and soon will be moving out of state. I know that I can be suspended for ten years; so after 10 years can I get a drivers license without participating in the Interlock program or taking classes? Also on my driving record what would be the date of offense?
The date of offense is July 2011, but the DMV may suspend much later because you never showed up. It is a fools errand...
How can I obtain a MD drivers license with revocation in WV?
This whole situation is fairly complicated, bullet points for brevity. -Charged with permitting DUI in WV in late 2012. Charges dropped because officer absent in court. License still suspended because WV can do that. -Appeal hearing pushed up to Feb, 2014. Move to PA soon after and obtain drivers license there without issue (still have PA license. status unknown) -Appeal results (failed) officially received April, 2017. -Move to MD Aug, 2017. Wish to obtain MD drivers license, but old WV license (which no longer exists?) is listed as revoked on WVDMV website. Will I hit a snag if I try and obtain a MD license?
You can not obtain a license in any state if you are under suspension in that state or any other. All states,...
Is there a limit on how long you can be charged with a dui and the time to have a jury trail.
got pulled over on rt9 and was charged dui (drugs). Had prelim hearing and no evidence was entered by prosecutor! I mean nothing, no eyewitness no dash camera no body camera and there were 4! different police depts. at the scene. it's been over a year on and off jury trail docket. what is going on!!??? Is there a limit to how long this can go on.
If it is a misdemeanor level dui charge, the state has one year from the offense date to charge and one year from...
If you drink 120 ozs of beer sunday evening will it show for urine lab test at 2pm tuesday?
Urine test
Will it show? It might. Don't risk it.
Can my charges be changed after my arraignment and before or during court in Berkely, WV?
I was arrested in Berkely,Wv for DUI first offense and that's what I was arraigned for but I have a few DUI in Md. The DUI in md can only be used against me if they are within 5 years however WV considers DUI from 10 years prior, the arresting officer didn't see them when he ran my information, I'm also assuming the magistrate judge didn't see them as I was only charged with 1st offense DUI (0.13)bac, can my charges be changed by the time all is said and done with court, does md keep record of and will they share my history prior to 5 years ago with WV? I'm not sure what to expect.
First of all, if your "DUI Attorney" was remotely knowledgeable of WV DUI law he or she would have told you that not...
Can i get a license suspension for dui removed from my record since i was not convicted of dui?
I got a dui in june 2015. All charges were dropped last year( i l live in wv) . I completed the wv dmv interlock program, and never lost my privilege to drive, just had a restricted license for the req time period. No conviction is on my driving record, but it does state suspended license due to dui , even though no conviction. Is there a way to have this removed? I am trying to go back to school for my cdl
Unfortunately not. A general copy of a driving record one gets at a local DMV goes back five years.
Will i go to jail for a first offence driving on revoked-dui?
Was driving on revoked license. I finished my interlock two years ago and completed all my DUI classes. The catch is that even though i went to all classes and my file states i was there, i havent paid them off yet.
The first thing you need to do is complete the process of having your driver's license fully reinstated and lawful....