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Underage drinking party at our home while we were out of town. 1 of the kids was hospitalized but will be ok. can we get sued?
we had a 15 yr old house sitter to care for our plants and pets. She was allowed to have one friend stay with her for the 5 days we were gone.
Yes, you could potentially be sued for a negligence claim. One might argue that you negligently permitted underage...
Never finished DUI classes from 2008
My fiance got his 3rd DUI in 2008, before I met him. He went to jail for a little bit, paid all the fines and started the DUI classes but never finished them. We have checked and he does not have a warrant out in his name. Now that we are getting married, he really wants to get his license back but doesn't know how to do it since it's been so long. Does he have to go back to court? Can he just take his driving record printout from DMV to classes to sign up? He knows he screwed up but he really wants to make things right now.
He'll need to complete an 18-month DUI class before he can get a license. He may need to return to court to be...
Any hope of getting a medical board to subjectively consider a licensee's situation w/ DUI, or probation requirements all same?
Physical Therapy licensee overwhelmed with what seems to be a far too severe punishment/requirements that don't fit the bill of a one time/1st time offense...losing everything, Now...after a year and a half sober and on the up and up. Maximus program seems more like extortion than rehabilitation, and do not feel it is a justified requirement. How to appeal???
A DUI is a serious offense. The first step in getting approved for a license is to change your attitude. The proper...
What is the California Vehicle Code violation for driving without license plates?
I mean like if you buy a new car and the police pull you over for having no license plates. What code section does that violate?
California Vehicle Code Sections 5200 et sec..........................................
What are the ramifications of failed breath tests on court-ordered IIDs? (California)
In California, if you fail a breath test on an IID, can you receive additional charges/punishment from the court or DMV?
YES, you could incur a license suspension and possibly a probation violation .
Under 21. Do I need to complete the three month DUI course if I get a critical need license?
I am under 21. I pled guilty to a wet reckless. My BAC was .07% and I got the 6 week course. I am filling out the critical need license forms and my friend told me that to get a restricted license I need to take the 3 month course. If I get the critical need license will I have to change to the 3 month course?
What does your lawyer have to say about this?
How long do I need to have an Interlock device on for from a 2nd DUI?
I went to court and resolved a 2nd time DUI. I had a low blood alcohol level and due to being cooperative I got a break and had fair terms. I heard I do not have to wait the year out for the suspension and can get a restricted license if I get the interlock device in my car. How long do I have to keep the interlock device on for if I decide to get it? I have tried calling the number to Sacramento but I cannot get in touch with anyone. Information is appreciated.
Second time offenders are generally required to have the device installed for 12 months