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Underage drinking party at our home while we were out of town. 1 of the kids was hospitalized but will be ok. can we get sued?
we had a 15 yr old house sitter to care for our plants and pets. She was allowed to have one friend stay with her for the 5 days we were gone.
Yes, you could potentially be sued for a negligence claim. One might argue that you negligently permitted underage...
I got a Dui 3 years ago in CA but never went to the classes or paid the fine, how do I take care of this now?
I don't have any record other than my 1 DUI. I obtained my DUI in California 3 years ago but now live in New York. I want to take care of this but don't know where to begin. I had a monthly payment system set up but only paid the first few months and I never went to classes or went to do my court mandated community service. I am not in a financial position where I can hire a lawyer so I am looking for some guidance on how to do this on my own. Thank you for your time.
You'll need to retain a San Diego attorney to appear in court for you. The case is likely at warrant status.
If I get my prior DUI taken off, will I be required to take the second offender course by the DMV?
I have a DUI with a BAC of .11%. I set the DMV hearing myself and got the reports. I have a prior from 2012. From speaking to some attorneys there is several issues in the case and they tell me one potential resolution would be the prosecution getting rid of the prior. My question is if the prosecution got rid of the prior and said the first offender class is ok would the DMV still require the 2nd offender course? I would hate to think I got a deal and then find out the DMV wants something different. I am going to get an attorney but I want to know this question before. Thank you.
First, you should not be trying to handle this yourself after consulting with some attorneys. Even if the prosecution "...
Occupational License Question regarding prior Misdermeaner Convictions
Prior Convictions(plead guilty for probation) for multiple offenses. Such as Distubing the peace, Disordely Conduct, Distruction of Property. These were from 2007-2011. Just moved here from Mass. To Ca. I guess in order to be a car salesman out here you must have an occupational license to work. Are these prior convictions going to inhibit me from gaining this license to gain employment? Please advise regarding this manner!
Who knows? Probably not. All you can do is apply. Car salesman, eh? Good luck.
Consequences of probation violation for felony DUI
Individual on formal probation for 4th DUI was cited for PC 647(f), drunk in public and has a hearing for the new charge. This is the first probation violation (for this most recent DUI conviction), is this person looking at jail time? What are the likely consequences?
This person needs help. 4 DUIS and now a drunk in public. Hire an attorney and get into a rehab fast.
What income factors play into whether I qualify for a public defender?
I got a DUI and blew a .13 at the jail. This is my first offense, no injuries or damages happened. I was on a small motorcycle and went wrong way down one way. One lawyer told me it is unlikely I'll get a wet and reckless and that I should use a public defender. How do I know if I qualify for one?
The anticipated outcome has nothing tondo with whether you qualify for a PD. It remains unlikely you'll ever get a "...
If I am convicted of a VC 23152(b) and another misdemeanor offense two months later will I have a probation violation?
My DUI and other misdemeanor offense occurred very close in time and I just want to get the cases over with and not drag it out any longer. Will I have a probation violation if I plead guilty to the DUI and one month later plead guilty to the other offense?
If the second offense happened after you were sentenced on the first, yes.