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Will i receive a summons to court for a dui?
hi last year i was in a dui crash and was arrested, its been about 8 months and im still going threw court and everything.. a month ago i crashed my truck into a ditch off the highway (not drunk,and about a month from my final court date) and a state trooper came, i talked to him for about 25 minute waiting for a ambulance and a tow truck. he had already looked me up and everything and said nothing. when i got into the ambulance he came over and asked if i had been drinking(i'm assuming because of my record) i politely said no and he said "don't insult my intelligence" i said i was not and he asked me if i would take a breathalyzer and i said i would like to get checked out at the hospital first because i was in severe pain. he then told me i would receive a summons to court and left without another word, no road side test nothing.. its been a month later. no summons, no licence suspension, and when i had my final court date they looked up my driving record and nothing poped up about that day besides a crash im assuming.. do you think i will receive a summons? how can i know
I doubt he would summons you into court for an OUI (same as DUI) as usually officers arrest people (even when the...
Dismissed dui/ chemical refusal reinstatement if incident occurred in another state?
I was arrested in rhode island for a dui and refused the chemical test. My dui was dismissed and I lost my license for 6 months. I live in mass, if my dui was dismissed do I only have to pay for the chemical refusal? And does the arrest having occurred in another state change anything in relation to the reinstatement process?
Under the Reciprocity Statute G.L.c 90 sec.22(c), Massachusetts will apply the same period of suspension as if the...
How long do I have to wait to seal a cori or record from my cori ?
I needed to know how long I have to wait until I may try to seal my record or my cori if it was an oui case that was a cwof and I have completed all payments and probations on time. This was about 1 or 2 years ago. This is also the only thing that would ever be on my record, I have never gotten into any other trouble before. I am a mom that is looking for employment and to be able to volunteer in the school system.
There are two ways to seal a misdemeanor CWOF that resulted in dismissal. The first way is to wait 5 years from the...
What is going to happen when I call my probation?
I had 1 year probation and ends the 26 of this month. I paid the probation every month 65 and sometimes more when I could for the other fees but did not pay the hole thing off.
You should have been given a time frame to get monies paid. If not, then P.O cant violate you. However, if you didnt...
I live in MA and several years ago received a DUI in Rhode Island. Rhode Island RMV says I need SR22 insurance
Dui in Rhode Island DUI in 2006. The case closed 2008 and I currently have a MA driving license because it wasn't reported to my RMV. Now such substantial time passed, is it necessary to have this insurance?
If the RI DMV is asking you to carry SR-22 in order for your ability to drive in Rhode Island to be reinstated, and you...
Will my oui case resulting in a cwof be public knowledge? or will the cwof be added to the police report?
I just went to court and decided on a cwof for my first offense oui. I wanted to know if this will be made public knowledge? will it be in the paper? or will it be added to the police report? and is the original police report public as well? one more question is that at the end of this year long process I am doing for the cwof my case will be dismissed, does that mean it will no longer show up on my record?
The police report will not be amended to include the disposition you received. The CWOF will be considered a "pending"...
Can I get my record sealed or exponged for two dui's that I received in Ma, the last one five years ago?
hello, I was reckless years ago and want to get my record sealed to get into the nursing field. Do I need to wait so many years before getting this done?
You can not get the record expunged, but you may be able to get it sealed. The answer is very fact-specific and...