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In Ohio, if a person has been convicted of OVI twice in ten years, sentenced to reporting probation, with mandatory drug/alcohol
screenings, would being in an establishment, namely a bar, which served nothing but alcoholic beverages, violate that person's probation?
Are you still on probation? What does the entry sentencing you to probation say about these types of eatablishments?...
How long does a physical control under the influence stay on your driving record. I got it in June of 2012.
Charged with dui but that was pleased down to physical control under the influence with no points assessed on driving record.
Technically, it stays on forever. It can not be expunged. Insurance companies will generally look back (3) years when...
My husband is a cdl driver. Has a pending dui that we are fighting. Employer let him go and he is trying to find a job.
License has been stayed. Will background check show a pending dui or the past suspension of his license. Ohio
Yes, a background check will turn up the pending case and a driving record check will show the previous suspension. If...
Would dui convention keep you from working with seniors
Will dui show up on fbi rap sheet
Yes it will show up. DUIs can not be expunged from your record and stay on your record for life. A DUI conviction...
I have had 2 prior due convictions. I have a 3rd ovi that I got in 2008 and am just now going to court over.
My last conviction was in 2006. I have recently finished 7 months In rehab and have not been in any trouble since 2008. Will this be considered a 3rd of fence or a first?
Whether it will be treated as a first, second, or third offense requires knowing when the first and second offenses...
How can the state of Ohio make me take a drug test 3 times a week if I haven't been convicted of anything yet?
I was pulled over with 1 Percocet in my pocket and I have no prior convictions for ANYTHING. I also have another court date in October.
While you're on supervised release awaiting the resolution of your case the court essentially has you on probation. The...
Sentencing for dui
Are the judges in the state of ohio required to send a person to prison to serve mandatory time or is that an option? Can the judge sentence anything else besides prison?
Ohio OVI sentencing varies widely based on the number of prior offenses and the circumstances of the OVI allegation....