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Can I escape any ramifications from NYS if I apply for a NJ License prior to a potential DWI Conviction.
I have a NYS license and recently received a NJ DWI.
Not without an attorney. Call a local DUI lawyer for a free consult.
If I accept pti on a second degree eluding w/ DUI is it 100% mandatory that I lose my license for 6 months from the eluding
I know there is an exception for a drug charge/ eluding...is there anything for a DUI/ eluding? I was hoping to just get the 90 day. Please advise
One of two things can happen. First, you can get PTI in the Superior Court and have the dwi remanded back to the...
I'm 25-2nd year teacher-3 glasses wine-pulled over-.09 breath-could I lose my job?
I had 3 wines. was pulled over. had 3 breath test, machine did not work, 3 hr later @ station had another test that was .09, I was given 4 tickets, which did not make any sense, I was not drunk or high-I was setting my GPS while I was driving (yes, stupid & wrong). This is my 1st offense & video was taken. I am a 25 yr old 2nd year teacher & I am so afaid that I will lose my job.
A BAC of .09 three hours after driving is a problem that either indicates that the machine was not working or you were...
Can a Judge stop to have my ex's boyfriend drive my sons around due to his prior DUIs?
My ex is dating a guy. I just find out that this guy had some DUI in the past (driving drunk). He goes to my ex's house a lot they drink and then they go out with the kids. I am worried about this and I am not sure what kind of motion I can file and also what kind of evidence I can bring. I really do not feel comfortable about this situation.
This is certainly a serious enough issue that some action needs to be taken. Have you tried speaking with your ex and...
Will a NYC company using a background checking software like checkr, see a pending NJ DWI?
I have a pending NJ DWI that has been ongoing for 7 months now, and I just took a full time offer position in NYC. Now it's time for the background check. I've done some research and I've come up with the following: NJ DWIs are not criminal charges and thus not on a criminal background check. It will not show up on a Motor Vehicle Abstract until I'm convicted (if i'm convicted). Well how do pending NJ ones work then with these modern background checking software, like checkr?
Your research is correct. In NJ it is not criminal and will never be on your CCH. It is not on your abstract unless and...
Upon NJ IDRC re-evaluation what can possibly be the outcome??
I lost my license for New Jersey 3rd dui in 2005, I completed all court order penalties, complied with all IDRC requirements. Now it's time to get my license back, and the IDRC says I need to get a 10 year re-evaluation, also must have a letter of recommendation from the doctor that does the re-evaluation. My question is what can possibly be the outcome of this evaluation?? Seeing that I have completed the 48 hour lock in, and the 16 week follow up treatment with require AA meetings.
It appears that you are overthinking it, just get it.........
Trying to find out criminal records, DUI records, etc from an individual that is around my son is harrassment?
I have joint custody over my small child. Lately her mom has decided to bring a guy to be around during her parenting time. Sadly, her mom has made poor decisions in the past and I can not rely 100% on her Judgement when comes to see what is the best for our child. I have a mutual friend from this guy and the feedback is not positive at all. I was told that he drinks a lot, go to bars and drive, etc. My concern is this guy drive my child in his truck and I have already proof that he drinks in the front of my child. Not cool at all. I confronted her mom but she told me go to hell, saying she is allow to have some drinks with friends and to leave her alone. i want to run a criminal background check on this guy, see who he is, drugs? DUI? SEX OFFENDER?? etc. Both of them when already to the police to get a TRO but the cop denied. The fact that I ask them what is going on during her parenting time is consider harassment. I am worry about my kid but without solid evidence I can not really do much, but I can not be sitting with my arms closed. Any suggestion??
There are websites where you can pay to do public records searches. If you are really worried, you can hire a private...