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If I had my first DUI 7 years ago and I just got another in RI and I refused breathalyzer, am I considered a first time offender
I was told that my first DUI would be taken off my record after I completed the alcohol program. Am I still considered a first time offender in CT if I got a DUI in RI recently? Do i face jail time with an out of state DUI?
I know Rhode Island is not as strict as Connecticut, contact a RI attorney, you may qualify for a program in Rhode...
My son got a restraining order after his wife was drunk and was screaming . Is there a way I can talk to the judge?
I something to explain....but I am an interested party , and afraid that nobody will listen. Because the wife was to call police, she is the victim. She wanted to scare him and teach a lesson. Regrets about it now. He is the one working and supporting, and she is the one drinking, verbally abusing. It is hard to proof anything. In the meantime my son was ruled to go to anger management class and alcohol abuse class. He hardly has time to even have a beer, he works until late every night. He may never go back, because cannot trust her anymore. He needs to get this collar off his leg first. I worry about custody too, any way he can win a custody of his child after all of this wrong judgements? Any way I can help him?
The way you can help him is to get him away from that lady, and obtain an attorney for him that can fight for his...
When applying for AOS for my husband, will his prior DUI effect the decision?
I am a US Citizen and my husband came here on a H2B Visa. We are sending in all the paperwork soon to apply for his Adjustment of Status. He got a DUI in 2011 in the US. He went to court and paid all his fines, did community service, and it was ruled as a misdemeanor. We still have all the legal documents proving he paid his fines etc. But will this make them deny his adjustment out status??
It might. Talk to an immigration attorney
Can i avoid jail time in ct for a second dwi wich actually was the first in ct
I got my second dwi in ct but my prior was in ny and they said i got to do mandatory jail time is there a chance to avoid it?
Many times people are told there is "mandatory jail time" but as with most charges that is something that can be...
How can I reverse a denial Of coverage (on appeal) for an experimental drug ordered by my doctor?
My doctor referred me for a blood test without divulging it was an experimental test and AETNA is denying my claim based on it being experimental. My doctor (urologost) recommended this specific test after I was diagnosed with cancer following a year of increasing PSA tests (via 4 previous blood tests) prior deciding if a biopsy would be necessary. Based on previous testing (systoscapy sp?) I was at risk for complications from a more invasive test...this particular blood test would eliminate the more invasive test unless absolutely necessary.
There must be procedures for an appeal with the insurance company. You should get a copy and follow them. You should...
I have a dui in new York I live in Connecticut what if I stop going to court?
I live in Connecticut I have dui charge in New York what if I stop going to court. By the way I don't plan on driving or stepping foot in New York ever again what will be my consequences.
Typically if you fail to appear for court they issue a warrant for your arrest. You should speak with a lawyer about...
Rephrased: Can I smoke Medical Marijuana if I have an on going case?
Rephrased: I am currently up against 4 misdemeanors. I am represented by a public defender and we have been working on getting an AR with hopes of the charges being dropped. Part of the plan is to attend an intense drug&mental health program. My levels have gone down and I'm completely clean right now. Last year I was diagnosed with PTSD and I was under medication but it wasn't working with me. It put me more in a zombie mode then help me deal with it. After that I went through some traumatic personal stuff and haven't completed my treatment for my ptsd. However its gotten worse and yes the recreational marijuana was helping me deal with it the anxiety and sleeping problems I have. I have an appointment with the doctor and My question is what are the possibilities that a judge, if they can, take my card away (if approved) and not allow me to use it. Before going clean I was only using marijuana & once tested positive w/xan And non of my cases have to do with anything drug related. I of course would not use my card with out the approval of my PD but would like to know a honest answer. Will I have to wait until after my program is done? Will and can my card be denied from the judge?
You already have an attorney and should ask your own attorney any and all questions that you have about your cases.