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What or how much time will he get. He had been going to multiple AA meetings every week. Not driving at all.
A friend of mine has 2 DUI's. The 1st one he served some time and when he got out was put on Probation. It was DUI with injuries. The 2nd time he was going through a DUI check point. Served some time for that one and when he was released he got probation, AA class and fines. He wasn't suppose to drink or be in a place that serves alcohol. He was at a sports bar watching the Superbowl a journalist was there taking pictures of ppl celebrating. The journalist put his picture on the front page of the newspaper and the judge that released him seen the picture. He got a letter telling him he had to report to court for Probation violation. After the 3rd time of going to court of it the judge apprehended him with no bail. He wasn't caught drinking or driving just for being in a bar.
A stranger on the Internet can't give you an informed answer. If he's still on probation for a felony DUI with...
Should I plead guilty to a second dui and driving on a suspended license or take it to court and het a public defender
Its my second dui. The first one was when I was 20 and now I'm 28.. My alcohol level was I believe twice the legal limit.. I have a job and I dnt wanna go to jail and lose it.. Could I possibly go to an AA class and maybe do community service instead of jail time???
You are ready to just plead guilty to the charge, but there might be something that a public defender can do for you.
If an officer fails to advise a driver of the right to refuse a PAS test during a DUI stop can the PAS results be suppressed?
Officer admitted during the DMV administrative per se hearing that he failed to give the required advisement under VC ยง 23612 subsection (i). Can my attorney successfully file a motion to suppress on this basis? Also, the officer admitted during the DMV admin hearing that he was writing a report and looking at his computer screen during the time he was supposed to be doing his 15 min observation prior to the breath test. How does this affect the weight of the evidence (.16 BAC). He claims he was within 3 feet and could hear that I did not belch or vomit even though he didn't have eyes directly on me.
Motion to suppress? NO> 402 motion to exclude? Possibly but it may not be granted. The court has held that the cop...
Do lawyers ever actually win DMV admin per se hearings?
I hired a lawyer and she told me that DMV administrative per se hearings are just a procedural requirement if you request them. She said they pretty much just a rubber stamp the suspension and the chance to actually not have your licensed suspended after the hearing is very low. Is that accurate? She said the CA rules of evidence don't apply, and the DMV hearing officer isn't even a lawyer, just some DMV employee. She said I have a shot in the criminal matter, but expect to lose at the DMV admin per se hearing. This is a first time dui with a BAC breath of 0.15. I just want to make sure she is being honest with me as opposed to just being a crappy lawyer.
The advice from the lawyer is correct ...kind of. I know of lawyers winning at the per se hearings. It depends on the...
Chances for reduction to dry reckless?
I was pulled over for having dealer advertisement plates on my car and I was driving with wife and 2 kids. Blew a .087 (with chewing tobacco in my mouth immediately before test. Fully cooperative with chp and was just cited for dui. I haven't received the results of my blood test but it had been 3 hours since my last drink (5 drinks total). I am currently a technician at mercedes benz and would like to keep my job. What are the chances of getting a plea for dry reckless that requires no sr22. I currently have a dui lawyer that I paid 5200 for and he has great reviews.
Good. Why are you asking questions here when you paid over $5000 to an attorney. Address questions to him or her. Your...
Can my lawyer withdraw now that a trial date is set for my DUI case?
When I retained my DUI lawyer, he charged me $3,000. I thought this was for everything, but he says our retainer agreement provides that he only has to represent me until a trial is set. The DDA didn't offer the deal he told me he thought I would be offered, and now he wants more money to represent me at my trial. If I don't pay him, can he just withdraw? Won't the court make him represent me since a trial date is already set and I would be prejudiced to have a change of attorneys or to represent myself at this point? This isn't a felony case. It is only a misdemeanor DUI.
Why don't you just pay your lawyer? We all charge for trial. Yes he can withdraw and if your contract states you did...
Do I go through a lawyer or my insurance company for restitution for an auto accident caused by a drunk driver?
My travel trailer was hit while parked in my front yard by a drunk driver. Months later we are still finding more problems the accident caused to it. Driver was uninsured and arrested for his 2nd dui. He still comes driving in my neighborhood when we know he doesn't have a valid licence.
If you have uninsured motorist coverage on the trailer, make a claim with your insurance company if you have not done...