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What if my business partner gets a DUI or hurts someone while intoxicated?
My business partner has turned into a severe binge drinker at least once a week. Drinks after hours at office until late at night or early morning of the next day, then drives home. If he were to wreck by being intoxicated, hurt someone, and he drank at our office, could I be held responsible or my business be held liable?
This is more nuanced than a simple question might seem. It would depend on whether he was on company business, possibly...
If there is a warrant issued for you not reporting to drug test for community corrections in Alabama?
How do I go straight to rehab w/o going to jail until court date & maybe they'll let me go rehab or revoke me. If I went to Louisiana would they send me back if found out?
If you missed a community corrections drug test, it is very possible you have a warrant for your arrest. Best course...
If I failed a DOT pre employment drug test and am now going to training for another DOT position do I have to disclose that?
Failed a pre employment drug test for flight attendant school bc of marijuana 5 months ago. Now I'm heading to training for another flight attendant program and they're asking if I have ever been employed with a DOT job and if I failed a drug test....must I disclose this info? If I do will I automatically be disqualified?
it sounds like you were never employed with the first DOT job so if the question is have you ever been employed by DOT...
Has the statue of limitations ran out of time to charge with theft?
In 2013 my sister stole my driver's license and used it when she got caught shoplifting. Since they thought she was me, she was booked under my name and information. Of course she has not taken responsibility or gone to court on the matter, I found out after the fact. Can I still be charged 4 years later? In Alabama.
If she never did anything - you must have a warrant out in your name. You need to contact an attorney to find out what...
How is a North Carolina DWI going to affect me in my home state of Alabama?
This is the second one I got up there due to medication and then wine. Stupid, yes! Alabama never contacted me the first time. Now it happened again and I have no reason to think I will not be convicted. I have small children by myself and am scared to death about losing my driving privilege and license. Can I do anything to mitigate the severity of what's to come? Thank you.
Upon receipt of a conviction for DUI/DWI from an out of state driver license bureau or agency, the state of Alabama...
Can I sue a hospital for providing non-confirmed drug test to DHR that resulted in my child being taken away?
The hospital drug tested me and a false positive came back for ecstasy. I've taken 2 hair test to prove I did not take ecstasy in the hospital after I had my child. The medical records stated that I was coping well and nothing strange was noted during the time period they thought I was on ecstasy. The drug test from the lab say they are unconfirmed. Shouldn't the test have been confirmed before immediately getting DHR involved. This is horrible that it happened to me but to allow the hospital to use unconfirmed drug test that result in a child being taken away from their mother is very concerning and should not be allowed to happen.
I hate to hear this happened to you. I'm re-classifying this question because it's not a criminal defense question.
Do I have a chance to beat this case or was everything done legally and by the book?
I go to court today to get appointed my lawyer for a fairly recent paraphernalia charge. Misdemeanor. At the time of the incident, I was the front passenger in my 17 yr old step some truck. His 14 yr old cousin was in back. I was accompanying him to the scrap yard to use my license for he could dump his scrap because he currently does not have one. We were pulled over for no tag and the backup cop who arrived just happened to know the driver, my 17yr old stepson because she has been called to a dispute between him and his grandmother. All this I was completely unaware of but anywho she decided she wanted to do a search, I stepped out and we all agreed it was fine and about 5 min later, I'm getting out in handcuffs and taken to the back of the car. I'm aware they are minors but I don't believe they were approached about this matter at all. 2 glass pipes were found rolled up in a rag in the glovebox. Directly in front of where I was sitting. That was reason 1 for me being charged and 2, because I was the oldest in the vehicle. I was instructed to get in drivers side cause I had license and that a warrant for my arrest would be issued within 2 days. Which I was picked up on later
While your observations and recitation of the evidence matters, it's only PART of the evidence that will be used...