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Drunk in public VA. To plea & pay, or not to?
I have been battling alcohol issues for years. I have a DUI 2007, and a handful of drunk in public's since. I recently voluntarily medically checked into an Intensive Outpatient Program in a facility over 45 hrs completed. I am wondering if I should just pay the fine and move on or attempt to see if the Judge would possibly dismiss the charge because I am getting my life in order. I am aware of the ramifications of both. I am a former police officer, so I am completely aware of what the situation looks like on paper. I am trying to get a job and am inquiring to see if "yet another" DIP charge would really matter. My inclination is to say "F" it and just pay the fine. If there is any way this could be rectified w/o being "guilty" would be ideal. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.
I don't know how many DIPs you have, but I think you are underestimating the power of an individual seeking recovery...
How DUI works in different states?
My husband went out Last Thursday night and got an DUI for having a loud car and license plate light being off. He got arrested with BAC 0.10, he got 1st misdemeanor DUI (No.VA) even though he has another DUI in different state (MD) 8 yrs ago. He's job requires him to drive to job sites each day, with a company vehicle.. He just started his new job couple weeks ago, not sure if he needs to tell them right away or not. he's license is suspended for 7 days, but after the court date (next Monday) will he be in jail? I've told him to take alcohol programs before the court date.. so it'd look better on him.. Would the judge find out this is his second DUI? is he allow to drive in MD? Does he need a lawyer? He just wants to drive back and forth from work to home only.. to make that happen.. i'd assume he needs.. a lawyer?
A first time DWI with a .10 BAC is unlikely to receive jail time and would likely be able to continue to drive for work...
DUI 1st and ticket for failure to obey highway marking? Do I need to go to court for the failure to obey?
I was pulled over in September and charged with a DWI 1st offense, the officer's reason for initially pulling me over was because he noticed I was swerving within my lane and then breaking over to another lane. I have now been charged with both a failure to obey highway marking and DUI 1st. These two infractions have two different court dates, one in Oct and other in Nov. Of course I will be in court for the DUI offense with a lawyer, but do I need to show up to the failure to obey? And do I need a lawyer for this as well? Normally I would pay for a ticket of this nature, but I'm unsure what I should do since it was on the same night of my DUI offense.
If you are unsure what to do about an incident, and you have already hired an attorney for that incident, you should be...
I have a DWI in Virginia. I will be moving to Washington DC soon. Will i be able to get my license in DC without any issues?
DWI conviction in Virginia
DC will see whatever restrictions remain in Virginia. Check with the DC dmv to see what they require.
Can you fight a dui refusal?
Can I fight a dui refusal charge if the police officer could not prove that I was the driver?
You are only under the Virginia Statute if you operate a vehicle on a highway. You also must be arrested within three...
If I get a DWI in Virginia, and am moving to North Carolina, will it effect my driving abilities in North Carolina?
I received a DWI in VA, but I am moving to North Carolina for work. Will this effect my abilities to drive in North Carolina? Will the charge transfer?
Yes, it will affect your license in North Carolina - - and the charge does not "transfer" between states, they are both...
Will a pending DUI case affect my entry in to canada?
I am waiting on a pending DUI case to be resolved, will this effect my being able to enter Canada?
You asked this question earlier? Virginia will probably not restrict your travel except to comply with conditions of...