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15 year old has been wanting to move with me (mom), the ex tells her only when he is drunk that she can, when sober says no
joint custody but him w/residential. Things not good with daughter and his new wife and kids. Gets called names and ignored. Step mom grabs daughters breast and crotch and thinks its funny. Ex will not stand up to wife, in order to keep the" peace". He continues to drink even though court papers specifically say not to have or consume while children are in house. She (daughter) cannot talk to her dad and has started to become withdrawn and I feel depressed. I am worried she might do something drastic to get his attention and to listen. I live 250 miles away. I want to fight for her but with my wages compared to his, well lets just say its not comparable.
Hire an attorney and seek a modification and permission to move your daughter out of State.
What are the consequences we should expect from this DUI first offense?
My husband received a (first offense) DUI recently. He was pulled over for driving with his lights off, was asked to take a test and was just above the legal limit. Will the courts be any softer on him because of the amount or does it even matter? What should we expect? Jail time? Fines?
7-60 days jail, $500 fine, 6 months loss of license. If the test was above .15% increase of 1 year loss of license and...
What are my chances of getting careless driving instead of DUI.
I was pulled over after swerving late at night after drinking. Officer did have cause to pull me over. I did field sobriety test and failed, I blew a .081. I don't know the blood results. On my ticket the officer wrote DUI then crossed it out and wrote careless driving next to it. When I bailed out of jail I signed a paper that said I'll appear to court for DUI. I plan on hiring a lawyer. I have no prior DUI's. What are my chances of getting just careless driving?
Well I'm glad to hear you plan on hiring a lawyer as that will increase your chances of getting a careless. Best of luck.
If I am arrested for DUI in Nebraska, does the officer have to read me my rights?
After I made bond, the arresting officer is now harassing my 16 year old sister to try and get her to say that I was buying alcohol for her. What can I do about this?
No you don't need to have your rights read to you. Miranda rights only come into play when the police are questioning...
I'm not on probation but have a interlock on my car and had a violation and called smart start they told me to retest
I'm not on probation but have a interlock on my car and had a violation and called smart start they told me to retest after getting off the phone and passed so I shut the car off and went back in the house will I get my license revoked or suspended. First dui
My question is why do you have an interlock in the car without being on probation. Don't admit to anything that would...
I have a interlock permit in nebraska, I will be driving through IA, MO, KS, OK, NM, and TX can I get a ticket in any of these?
I have permission from probation officer and travel papers
Absolutely, yes. You could get a speeding ticket or any other number of other tickets.
If someone is on probation for 3 DUIs then gets a felony probation violation, what is the likelihood the person will go to jail?
My husband's ex was sentenced to 5 years probation for 3 DUI's. She managed to stay out of trouble for 6 months, until she was arrested for breaking into a home (damage to property) due to being highly intoxicated (which drinking violated her probation). She is currently in jail since they caught that she was on probation, and now she has a felony probation violation charge. She is set to go in front of the judge tomorrow. We aren't sure if she will go to jail or if she will just get her probation time extended.
I would say that jail is likely, though this seems, based on your description, like a very sad case of a person...