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Can I apply visa u if my injures were caused by drunk driver he has 4 felony charges , is been over 8 months i'am still in pain
I'm very concern because i'm not have insurance I'm been signing liens to see a doctor and therapist but At some point not getting better, possible surgery need, i have no money i used to be self- employee.
Probably not. Here is the view of the AAO in 2011 when they denied something similar: "Counsel has not established...
Im being charged with a 2 DUI for sleeping in my car and no keys were found, but i was taken to the hospital (paramedics)
because i was passed out (GF called) car was towed, 2 months laster sac county trying to charge me with DUI , because lab results show pos for controlled substance.
Many criminal defense attorney's offer free consultations, this is exactly the time for you to take advantage of that...
What are the requirements for the prosecution to successfully obtain a guilty verdict in a dui drugs?
I was driving one morning and suffered a grand mal seizure (I have suffered from seizures for 0ver 10 years and am on medication). I was not taking my medication at the time and the seizure caused me to pass out and my car ended up on the side of the road. The officer came (says he arrived and I was standing next to vehicle) and asked me questions which I do not know as I have no recollection of event (as is the case for every one of my seizures). He told me to go into the ambulance to the hospital where they took my blood. The officer left with it and I walked home. I received a warrant in the mail 2 months later and the toxicology report show some drug use. What does the prosecution need to do to convict me?
Drug DUIs are difficult for both sides because there are no fixed standards that establish impairment. With alcohol we...
How do you determinate the level of " Xanax " in a driving impaired case ?
I had a recently accident, I wasnt drunk I came pos to Xanax prescription which was 58 mg/L according to Wikipedia normal is between 10 - 300 . above consider high . what's the deal ? what does the law says !? will Everyone taking " legal " drugs is driving impaired ? thanks !
The law prohibits driving while impaired on account of alcohol or drugs. That includes legal drugs for which you have a...
How often is a person convicted of DUI when they have not been drinking or doing drugs but appears impaired?
Driver has never been diagnosed but has symptomns of high functioning autism/aspergers. Officer convinced he was DUI because he was staring forward when stopped, he does not maintain eye contact, and appears to not understand questions. Passed Field sobriety test; blood test done but haven't gotten results. Driver is 18 yrs old, has never been in any type of trouble and is a full time college student.
Slim to none. Once they get the driver's blood results back, it will reveal if alcohol and/or drugs was in their...
Can the required 18-month DUI class requirement be waived or is there an alternative to attending the class in person?
My CA driver's license was suspended in 2005 for repeat DUI. Time served and fines paid. Sober now 5 years. Procrastinated signing up for the required 18-month class, and now we are relocating. I understand I should have done this long ago, but what are the remedies, if any, to clear this up so I can apply for a DL in my new state?
In order to get your license back you will have to complete the 18 month program. The odds are pretty good that the...
Drunk driver totaled my car as restitution how do I calculate that
my car was totaled by a drunk driver in the middle of the night. I was waking from a dead sleep and by loud explosion and smashing sounds. this drunk driver had smashed my to County trash can smashed into my car pushing my car into the back and underneath of the pickup truck in front of mine. since then I have suffered extensive Financial loss because my vehicle was my job and also my anxiety and mental stability has worsened due to this accident any noise I hear when I'm sleeping or resting with my eyes closed I'm jolted up and extremely stressed out the sound of a window closing or a door slamming. these drunk drivers Insurance Company had to take him fault for the accident spent my finance company a check stop payment on the check then sent another check for a significantly lesser amount. I had to contact my finance company in order to get them to call GEICO because Geico had not contacted them at all it's been 3 months and there's been no significant ground covered or resolution. Geico has my vehicle and I have nothing.
You will not be required to calculate the damages that you are due, that should be on the part of the insurance...