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What can I do to keep her out of jail for the false readings on the bracelet?
My mother is being accused of tampering with the SCRAM alchohol monitoring device as well as there were signs of alcohol while she was on it. She didnt tamper with the device or drink at all during the time of wearing the SCRAM bracelet. She will face 90 days in jail and lose her apartment. What do we do? I'm her son and lived with her while she was on the bracelet.
Attorney. Get your mother an attorney to represent her on this. Is SCRAM a pretrial release condition or a condition of...
What can the state do if I failed my interlock test the morning after?
From Minnesota. I have interlock, but off probation. I blew a .02 the morning after drinking. I received a letter from the state. They are saying I have to go back to treatment and be on interlock another 3 years. They are asking for a letter explanation.
You answered your own question asker... talk to your lawyer for more info.
No drugs & Alcohol detected for both DUI cases one year apart; can I reopen the case and appeal?
On October 2013 I was pulled over because I was reported to be swerving around the road". Unfortunately, I had a marijuana pipe in my car of which was found and so the officer suspected I was on drugs. I cooperated with the Breathalyzer, and field sobriety test up until I ended up getting a blood test at the hospital and sitting my ass in jail. I was pulled over in Washburn county, after driving 6 hours from Madison Wisconsin to Duluth Minnesota to pick up my mother whom was kicked out of her home that night. According to the police officer I was pulled over for swerving on the road, give me a damn inattentive driving ticket than. this case is a year old, the laboratory results obviously came back with nothing detected. I need my damn license back. Is it to late to reopen and fight?
More information will need to be known to answer your question - like we're you charged with DWI in 2013 and what...
I got 2 DUI(s) in Faribault, MN in between 2006-2009. How can I get a Drivers License back?
What else do I have to say?
Most likely at this point you can pay the reinstatement a fees and apply for a new license. Contact the DMV to see what...
How can I most effectively dismiss this charge?
Recently I was pulled over for going 45 in a 35 zone. The state trooper must have smelled alcohol in my car and asked me to step out. I was cooperative and permitted to a breathalyzer where I blew a 0.04. I also had 2 open containers in my vehicle, but they were claimed by a passenger in my car. I was cited for underage drinking and driving and have a mandatory court date. I have a clean record and no previous run ins with law enforcement. I regret this and would be devistated if this stayed on my record and prevented me from obtaining opportunities. I read somewhere that it's possible to do a continuance without plea, that way I agree to have no alcohol related violations within a year, I will pay the fine and the charge will be dismissed and removed. Please help me make the right descion
This is how you handle these types of situations. Step 1: Stop posting details and making admissions on public...
A friend got arrested for being drunk and for possession of .5g of meth
Friend texts me to go c them for $40. I get there and c that they are not in good shape. I say no. I went home while friend passed out drunk. Next day friend goes for walk and gets picked up for public into. Friend gets ride home by other friend who went through her truck and found .5g of meth on seat and turns it in. How long before they come arrest me for sale if friend says it was me?
I suggest you ought not post such details on a public website. As to the time between alleged commission of crime (or...
My laywer didn't submit a brief when he was supposed to in my implied consent. Said we wouldn't win anyway. Is that normal?
Judge gave him 3 weeks to submit. The day it was due I sent him an email asking for a copy - no response. Emailed him and firm for next week with no response. Finally emailed back and asked to talk on ph and said he didn't submit anything because of the Bernard decision that I wouldn't stand a chance with a prior on my record from 9 yrs ago. This DWI was a .09. Was initially pulled over for speeding (40 in 30).
If the only issue you raised was Bernard-related and then Bernard came out after your hearing, I don't think that would...