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Will I be stopped at Immigration after my DUI has been expunged??
I have been charged for DUI in Pennsylvania and I did the ARD program, completed it and expunged it. I do not have a green card and I am planning to go to India. I am on stem OPT. Will there be any issues coming back from India to the USA. Thanks in advance
CBP can still acccess your criminal history after you obtain an expungement. I recommend that you travel with a...
I have been charged with a first offense dui and will lose my license for 1 year.
I had a prior dui 13 years ago. Will I be eligible for an OLL from Penndot after 60 days of hard suspension.
You need to discuss the details of these cases as well as any other pertinent information with an attorney as the facts...
DUI summons. One of the charges has the word "lead" next to it. What does that mean?
1st offense. Looks like I am being charged with all tiers of dui however one if them states "lead" which is bac of .08 incapable of safe driving. Can you please let me know what "lead" means and if that is the charge that I am up against
Lead means the main count. Usually the highest level of crime. You should contact a qualified defense attorney...
I have completed my ARD program and probation. How can I get this DUI expunged?
I have completed the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition. This was my first time DUI offense. I have no other violations.
Your attorney upon the showing of a letter from the court that you have completed all the requirements can file an...
What constitutes an adequate observation before administering a breath test? Is 2 breath tests mandatory in PA?
If the officer is in his car with the door shuts and I am in my car with the doors shut is this considered sufficient observation? How could be know that I did not burp or have any regurgitation? Is he also required by PA law to administer two consecutive breath test?
An expert can review it and determine whether there are issues with how the test was performed. Typically, the issues...
I was cited for underage drinking at the age of 16 in Pennsylvania..Is there an alternative to having my license suspended?
I was at a friends house when the police arrived around 2:15 am. We were all breathalyzed, but my BAC was not written down on my citation. I have never been in trouble with the police and I have never had a drug or alcohol problem. Also, I was told that a police officer must have parental consent to breathalyze a minor after curfew, but the officer did not.
There many different options that you and an attorney can talk about. There is certainly a possibility that you can...
Will my arrest for my DUI show up on my FBI check after expungement?
I recently got my records expunged for a DUI that I recieved 2 years ago, I completed ARD. I sent the orders to all listed except for the Magisterial Judge (by mistake, I thought I mailed it but I did not). So my arrest/court docket is still available for the public to see. I dropped it off to them the other day but they said it may take a few weeks. My question/ concern is this...I am almost certain that the State Police expunged this and the FBI, well hopefully since I personally spoke to a woman from the State police that walked me through the entire "final" expungement process. Should I wait the few weeks until the Magisterial Judge processes my order or would the FBI expunging the record be good enough for me to get fingerprinted again in the near future for a job? Thanks.
While expunging the record removes it from many databases there is no guarantee that no one will ever find out about it;...