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What do I plea for second offense dui??
I was riding a motorcycle with a passenger, was pulled over bc of license plate "alteration" and blew a .118 on site of being pulled over and in the police dept. my motorcycles permit was expired on aug 26th and this happened on sept 10th. I spent 12 hours in drunk tank and let out on suritey bond. My first court appearance is in the morning and not sure what to do and I do not have a lawyer. I know the judge will probably give me jail time but I'm trying to avoid that. I know they will try to make me plea guilty and they will make it look like a bad idea to plea not guilty but what do I do? I would rather be appointed AA meetings and dui classes. Can I not plea until I get a lawyer or should I try to plea "no contest"? What should I do?
Go into court, plead not guilty and ask for time to get a lawyer, and say nothing else. As soon as you leave that court...
What can you get with first time paraphernalia charge
pulled over at road block ask for id and vehicle registration , then i was ask why my eyes were red told them just got done mowing and weed eating my moms yard , he did the field sobriety test did not do breathalyzer. charged me with dui , then search my vehicle which i didnt no it was in there my ex put it in my purse , they found it , told them it wasnt mine , they laughed , took me to hardin memorial hospital drew blood , went to court twice they sad lab was backed up come back dec.7
In Kentucky, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia is a Class A misdemeanor where you are looking at up to 365 days of jail....
I got a DWAI in Colorado and left and moved to Kentucky.
Once I drove to Kentucky i went and renewed my DL. Its been over a year and and they finally suspended my license. I have no intention to come back to Colorado. Problem is when I was arrested i was wearing house slippers while I did the field text. I failedbecause of my slippers were in bad shape.once I got to the stations i blew a .7 and cooperated in any way I could I wasn't ready and even had a clerk state that I didn't seem intoxicated at all which I wasn't I drink a 40 ounce of Budweiser before I left to go to the store my license were expired I didn't have proof of insurance and I had fictitious tags. I do not want to go back to jail at all now I've been pulled over a couple times here in Kentucky and nothing happened they didn't say I had a warrant or anything but I just recently found out my license were suspended I'm sure we'll check out that out what am I looking at as far as time in jail for your costs what should I do
Your Kentucky license will probably stay suspended until you resolve the matter in Colorado. Hire an attorney in...
Do I need to re-docket a case to get a new DUI program envelope from Shelby County Courts or can I call anyone?
I went to court about a year ago for a DUI. I was in jail for a month and went in front of Dutten in Shelby County, Ky District. I was given 20 hours of classes for the DUI and went to The Healing Place where the administrator changed it to 52 hours, did not know he could change a court order. I left and went to JADAC after a few months and was in the IOP from JADAC where the counselor told me the 3 hours each time, 3 days a week would count towards the classes from THP. Apparently he never contacted them to find out if they would count and now I am facing non-compliance as THP has sent Ky Alternative Program a letter saying I dropped out. I just want to start over with some classes that are NOT attached to any treatment center or rehab. Just want to get this over with. I've been screwed by these places and no one seems to know whats going on.
If you check with the district court clerk's office, I believe they will have a list of approved places to take your...
Can I get a DUI charge dropped if my urine test was negative for anything..
Took half ambien (.5 mil.) the night prior to incident. Got up got ready for work stopped at Panera to buy breakfast for the group I was training. Blacked out on the expressway.. wrecked my car.. woke up dazed and confused. They made me do a sobriety test and in my confusion I thought they were seeing if I was OK.. They called an ambulance for me, and ran test to see what happened at the hospital. My doctor is ordering more test because I had a recent episode while on jury duty prior to this incident. They still don't know what happened to me.. The Police officer told me I told a witness I took ambien before work, I do not recall even talking to anyone I was so dazed and confused. The police report says I failed the sobriety test miserably but my urine test showed nothing... I just passed out. Can I get this dropped? I have never been in trouble and I am 60 years old... this is freaking me out.
Delete this post and start talking to lawyers IMMEDIATELY.
Can I get a kentucky license on a DUI suspended california license in kentucky?
Ok, so I got a DUI last month, in kentucky on a california license. I called California's DMV and they said my record for kentucky hasn't hit their record "yet." I just moved here to kentucky, and kentucky said they suspended it for 30 days when california said it will be suspended for 2 years. I'm attending DUI classes on Kentucky's terms for 2 weeks (18 hours as required.) And have paid all my fines. Will I be able to go to Kentucky's DMV and try to get my license reinstated and it be valid? Or do I play Russian roulette when I get in my vehicle wondering if my license is valid or not? Who has jurisdiction here? I'm so lost. It seems like a double jepordy to me. Being punished for the same crime twice.
You definitely do not want to be driving if you do not know whether or not you are legally able to do so. That could...
I was told that you don't have to go to DUI school on your first offense in Kentucky if you wait a year to get liscense. True?
Plead quilty.
I have never heard this. You have to do the ADE classes in order to get your license back after the suspension. You...