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  • Ewa Beach woman charged in stolen credit card case

    Dec 18, 2014 | via The Honolulu Advertiser 

    Prosecutors charged a 44-year-old Ewa Beach woman Wednesday for allegedly using stolen credit cards at a Pearl City store. Police arrested Leilani Dirig at 12:15 p.m. at her home on two counts of fraudulent use of a credit card, two counts of unauthorized possession of personal information, two counts of second-degree theft, one count of second-degree identity theft, five counts of third-degree identity theft, four counts of third-degree theft, two counts of theft or forgery of a credit card.


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I have a simple DUI this past 2011 ..so what they did to me is went jail and wait for my mom to bail me out for like 500 dollar ...my license got suspended for a year...I attend classes for my DUI ..I don't have any community service or anything ...I've done evreything now I had restart all over again just to get my license back...now I'm driving for like a year with a license ...I just want to know if will effect for applying citizenship ...
I suggest you post your question in the Immigration Law section of Avvo. If you have an attorney assisting you with...
just wondering so that at least you have an id on you
You can purchase a state identity card.
when i got arrested the only paperwork i left with after posting bail was a the payment receipt.
This would be a good time to counsult with a DUI attorney in Honolulu. I'm sure there are many.
I got a Dui in Hawaii which is my first ever. long story short I no longer lived in Hawaii because my husband is military. Do I have to travel back to Hawaii to take care of my court obligations or can I just pay the fees. If I pay the fees will I have to pay the bench warrant as well. Also how will I know if was actually convicted for a dui.
Secure counsel in HI for a consultation and assistance. A warrant can, and will, follow you elsewhere.
I was convicted of a DUI in May and had to put interlock in. This is the first time I saw a violation message come up. I freaked out and tried again and received a violation message and a wait time of a min and some odd seconds. I waited about an hour and thought about what I did to cause this. I roach bombed by car, I've been fighting a cold took medicine about 4 hours prior and I had just brushed my teeth. I waited and tried again and got warn and then random tested and passed. What happens now?
If it is a verified violation and its part of the terms of your probation, then you've violated your terms of probation.
The reason I got pulled over was because i was on my cell phone. But I have one court day for the cell phone charge and two days later I have court for the DUI. Did the police officer mess up?
Where you retain an attorney, he or she should be able to get this consolidated. Allow your attorney to review and...
Can I apply for a License in washington state, what should I expect? will I get arrested? will I just have to pay fines?
Doubtful, generally you can't get a license in a state when your underlying license is suspended, which I would presume...