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I am in the middle of a DUI case. I have already filed three continuances. I am moving. Will I be able to file a change in venue
I am working with a Public Defender, (Maureen McKeeman) in Evergreen District Court, Monroe,Washington (Snohomish County) I am moving to Spokane, WA. (Spokane County) Will I be able to ask for a change in venue to Spokane County? I am taking this to trail, this will be my third request for continuance. My case number is 2228A-14D. My court date is on 1-8-2015 this is a Readiness for Trial. (Not ready)
Although I am a Florida Attorney, I have Never seen a change of venue motion granted based on the fact that the...
What kind of fines will I be expecting for my 1st DUI?
I blew a 3.17, what kind of fines should I expect to pay for my 1st DUI?; what if I take my deferment?
You really should take the time to sit down and have a consultation with an attorney. You'll be able to go over all...
I have a DUI pending charges being filed, my back is 3.17, what can I do to be proactive?
Can I go to rehab before my case is filed? I don't know if I need it but I think it will help my case??
What you're asking for is legal advice. This should only come from your attorney who will know all of the facts of your...
If I got a DUI for marijuana, and I don't pass the drug and alcohol treatment, what will happen in court?
It's been about three months since the incident. I am just now failing the drug test.
I assume you mean that you became out of compliance with your treatment program. Three months is a long time after...
What are the chances of a deportation in a DUI case?
My cousin (an illegal immigrant) recently got a DUI. He was pulled over for a broken tail light, the officer noticed alcohol in his breath, and was arrested for a low BAC DUI . I do know he was held for nearly 24 hours before he was released. He did have DUI which was lowered to Reckless driving about 5-6 years ago in a different state, but has not had any other issues since then. What are his chances of being deported after this?
Strictly speaking, he can be deported, but practically speaking, the chances are pretty low.
Breath Analysis
Internal stand: verified, subject sample .225; blank test .000; External Stand: .078; blank test .000; subject sample .227 all done within 5 mins. What does that mean? Which one do they go by? What does it mean that they released him right after station test?doesn't that mean he wasn't that impaired?
These are the statistics printed on the breath ticket. The two "subject sample" numbers are the BAC estimates by the...
I have a friend with a big problem...he has a 3rd DUI
...and he's a green card holder ...he's in the jail now so my question is...he can be hold for immigration and loss he's green card?
It is not possible to advise on the immigration consequences of a criminal conviction without reviewing the conviction...