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Can you lose your license for a DUI arrest but no conviction?
Okay, so my boyfriend got arrested for blowing UNDER the limit but they did a blood draw (which came out clean) and now they're trying to take away his license. Can they do that and if so how and why?
There are three instances in which the DOL will move to suspend or revoke a license administratively due to a DUI...
If I don't follow recommendations for treatment for a DUI what could happen?
I live in Washington state. I was asked to get a drug & alcohol assessment and they recommend treatment. What if I don't follow their recommendations? What could happen?
Impostion of the balance of the suspended jail time. Up to 364 days. Fines too
How to get my drivers license back?
My license was suspended years ago for a DUI. I am no longer in court but now need to drive. I just went and did an Assessment for alcohol because they would not use my last one because it was over 6 years ago. The outpatient service isn't requesting treatment but the dol will not grant that because of the assessment from 6 years ago. So I either have to pay for treatment myself since my insurance won't cover it because they are not requesting that I need or I lie about how often I doing to make it seem like I have a problem. What do I do?
use an attorney to make a motion/argument to the DOL about what your evaluation says now and what you need to do to...
Can you get your concealed carry permit in wa state if you have a dui warrant in California?
No other convictions just havent dealt with the dui in ca back in 20012
I am sure that your request would be denied. You have a warrant for your arrest so why would a police agency want to...
What is the penalty for a first offense dui & reckless driving penalty in Washington state where another car was involved.
Im wondering if there is jail time & how much, fines & how much? I live in Missouri & was visiting the state.
DUI and Reckless Driving are gross misdemeanors and can result in up to 364 days in jail and $5000 fine. Conviction...
Does cps have the right to test my urine twice
I received a phone call stating that my CPS case worker had test my urine twice the first test came back positive the second time she had tested it had it tested and it came back negative why would she need to test it twice if she got the results that she was looking for the first time given the circumstances and situation I had already told the lab person that I had taking Sudafed and there's possibly THC in my system I've been nothing but forthcoming to this woman
Generally speaking, urine samples are first tested using an inexpensive quick test that is not highly accurate. If...
Pointed a loaded rifle that is stolen. About all Ten feet apart at my head then saying. Had. The safety on. And drunk.
Roomate pointed a loadrd rifle well he was sitting on the couch I was in the kitchen facing him about ten feet apart he'd been drinking for the last day and a half and just pointed the gun I must have been about 10 seconds he said all don't worry the safety's on
Do you have a question? The dumb guy pointed a loaded weapon at you and...?