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I missed a breathalyzer test, what will happen?
I was placed on 3 years probation in Indiana last week and I missed a breathalyzer test, I was late getting there and it closed by the time I made it there. It's my 1st & all fees are paid.
The consequences should have been listed in your terms of probation no?
How much trouble will my 20 year old son be in for testing positive on a urine test for alcohol while on an alcohol program?
My son was given an alcohol ticket in March of this year. He was underage (20) and at a party. He didn't tell me about it and has been taking alcohol classes and being tested randomly. His probationary period is up August 25th, 2017. He went in this morning and tested positive for alcohol in his system via a urine test. How much trouble is will he be in for violating this? He has never been in trouble, clean record, is a full time college student with a part time job. I am so worried. Thank you.
He's likely facing jail time............... and he's been in trouble twice now.. once for the ticket and once for...
If i get a charge of driving while suspended while on drug court in another town & got a warrant now
I been on drug court since june 7 2016 i have 24 driving while suspended charges on me. I got another dwr in another town& miss court & got a warrant,What cn drug court do ?
Theoretically drug court could find you in violation of any pretrial release conditions and put you in jail until the...
On vacation in Georgia, I got a DUI. I live in Indiana where I had a DUI 9 years ago. I went through a deferral program.
Will my home state find out about it and what will happen to my license? I need to be able to drive back-and-forth to work I live in Indiana but I worked in Kentucky and drive back-and-forth daily. In Georgia they automatically grant a work permit. Will I get the same in Indiana? My Georgia Lawyer doesn't know what will happen in Indiana. I'm paying her thousands of dollars!!!!!
Your Georgia lawyer cannot give you legal advice about Indiana laws unless she is licensed here too. She is doing what...
What wiIl happen? DUI 12 years ago, deferment program, charge was dismissed. I recently was arrested for a second DUI.
Arrested for DUI 12 years ago, completed deferment program, charge was dismissed. I recently was arrested for a second DUI at . 08. Am afraid I will lose my job. What are my options and what is likely to happen?
Hire an attorney immediately. Since the prior charge was 12 years ago and no conviction that should not impact the new...
If I'm a minor and I push an adult who was drunk and in my face can she file charges?
I was at a concert and a drunk woman began screaming getting in mine and my friends faces , dances in front of us screaming in our ears and obscuring the way , if I pushed her out of the way(I pushed her shoulder she didn't even fall down she just moved over) can she legally press charges and if she does what will happen to me ?
Only the state can file charges against individuals. She can report the incident to the police, and if they find her...
Will I receive a DUI or charged with a hit and run? What should I do next?
Leaving the bar I was fine. As I began driving I blacked out. I clipped a mirror and left the scene. I was being followed by another car who told my friend who was in the passenger seat that they had my license plate. He suggested I turn around and give my insurance information. I don't remember any of this but he said I tried to run from the guy and I ended up hitting a second car, this time much more damage but no one hurt. Both cars were parked. After that I made it to our apartment when I was found passed out on the steering wheel. My friend got a public intox and he thought I was taken to jail. All I remember is waking up in the hospital with a public intox as well. This was 2 days ago and I've heard nothing from the police. Will they still charge me with a DUI? I was clearly drunk and passed out to the point they couldn't take me to jail. No one was waiting when I woke up and to my knowledge the hospital didn't notify the police upon my release. What do I do next? I'm baffeled I'm not in jail and ashamed of the whole situation as it's very unlike me. This is my first offense.
They can still charge you. Stop posting details of a potential crime to an open forum and get a local attorney asap....