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Is is his first DUI ... I was told that in Louisiana there is a class he could take to have it sponged from his record.
Locate an experienced criminal defense lawyer in your area, who specializes their practice in DUI DEFENSE, make an...
I need the BAC in order to start my counseling.. yet no one down in Fort Polk will help me, they ask if I am still around the area so I can come in and get it, however when I say I am not there anymore they say that they will help me, sure we can fax it to you but there I have not received anything in 3 weeks I do call them at least once a day but nothing.
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I recently received a DWI in Louisiana, and my options were to either plead guilty or not guilty and get a hearing. I wanted to plea no contest and get a hearing, but that was not an option. I had the gastric bypass surgery done 6 months ago, and it was my first time to drink. I did not feel nor think that I was intoxicated, I had two drinks, and thought that I was fine. When the officer took me in to do a BAC it came out .121, which is astonishing to me. I have no priors of any sort and this is my first offense. I have done research and found that post op patients, because of the smaller stomach, and different of of digesting , do in fact blow higher BAC levels. I can get a letter from my doctor backing this information up, also have found and printed others like this situation online out. Do you think I should plead guilty, or Not guilty and fight it? Thank you.
A no-contest plea has the same effect as a guilty plea. You waive trial, give up your rights, and have no hearing. If...
If my probation paper tells me to abstain from alcohol but no where does it explicitly say anything about submitting to drug or alcohol tests is it based on the honor system at that point? I was wondering if I was okay to drink as long as I do not receive a citation or get arrested for anything drinking related. I was under the impression that if I was subjected to testing that it would be on the sheet somewhere which it is not. Thank you.
Probation could still call you in for an exit interview and you could be tested any time you have contact for classes,...
I got arrested for a dwi back in June and my license was suspended in October now I can get a hardship license for 3 weeks and pay 125 for it or just wait until January 29 until I can get my regular license back. My question is, if I wait to get my regular license do I have to use a SR22 form to get them? Oh, and I have only had my arraignment for my charges. It's a strong possibility my lawyer is going to keep pushing back my case
You need to contact an attorney in LA, but, the DMV can require you to jump through hoops like SR22 insurance policies....
The drunk driver was 100% at fault but his policy is only $15000 and my treatment and lost wages amount are going to go well over his coverage I did not have insurance but the no pay no play does not apply being he was drunk. What are my options to get all lost wages and treatment and everything else needed covered I have 2 broken bones in my leg and contusions all over my body what should I do
You don't have a lot of good options in this unfortunate circumstance. If the drunk has assets, then you should refuse...
What will happen when my 2 years is up I've done my anger management classes and I pay and see my po every month on time
Get your GED. I would not think your jail time or anger management classes will prevent this at all. Good luck to you.