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I am in drug court and tested positive for alcohol and have not consumed any alcohol
The etg test can detect any type alcohol. The only thing I had done was use hair dye which contains alcohol. What is your advise on this matter. I need help
Talk to your attorney. Usually the testing mechanisms don't permit false positives for hair dye and the like. You...
I am in drug court and recently tested positive for alcohol. They use Etg testing.
The dye does contain alcohol. What can I do? This positive will set me back a year
The first question is whether you consumed alcohol in violation of the terms of participation in the drug court. If...
The person my wife cheated on me with has been charged (and is currently being held) with DUI-child endangerment.
I am to have no contact with my wife (by judge's decree). Is it possible for me to find out if it was, in fact, my child that was being endangered (they also have a child together as a result of their indiscretions)? Is there anything I can do about this?
You can call the law enforcement agency that arrested the individual and get copies of the arrest report. These...
Can 2nd DUI charges be challenged if occurred on private property?
My husband recently received his 2nd DUI and reckless driving when he was backing into our driveway. I was injured that evening as a result. He blew a .94.
I'm guessing he was driving on public roads in order to get to your driveway right? If he made any admissions about...
Can i get a court appointed lawyer when i go to court the 1st time for driving on suspended licenese
I go to court thursday in i was seeing can i get a court appointed lawyer when i go to court for driving on suspended license 1st time
You probably can. Bring $50 for the application fee and be ready to answer questions about your financial situation.
My son was charged with marijuana under an ounce, DUI, and Consumption of alcohol. He is 17 and it is his first offense.
he plays soccer, makes good grades, and will be getting soccer scholarships. What do we do now? will he be fine?
Your son needs a good, experienced DUI attorney right away. A DUI offense, especially for someone under 21 is very...
I received a misdemeanor DUI in 2001 the night of my bachelor party (go figure)
My question to you. Am I a eligible to apply for a weapons permit? One of the questions on the application was "have you ever been convicted of a DUI" ive heard from multiple sources and read mixed reviews online that a DUI falls off your record after a while. Its been 13 years since my conviction. I have not received any other convictions on my record since. I am an upstanding citizen who made a stupid decision before getting married.
A DUI conviction will never fail off your record. Some private companies that are getting background for hiring...