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Is there any way to get my license back before the six months if the police had no reason to ask for a breathalyzer?
The video of my field sobriety clearly shows that I was not impaired, but the officers narrative is more to the side that I wasn't able to pass any of the tests he gave me. I refused the breathalyzer because: 1). I didn't know that I was being video taped. 2). In Montana (subsection 4c of the DUI statute) you only have to blow a .041 to get a DUI. 3). Since the officer refused to answer me about "how I failed his field test to warrant a breathalyzer", I had no other choice but to refuse. At what point do the police start pulling people over at random to do an unwarranted breath test, and how many people will just go along with that invasion of privacy just to be able to get on down the road? How many will lose their license for 6 months in order to stand up for their rights?
Not sure where you are in your case but you can file a petition for reinstatement or you might be able to get an...
If it has been over 20 years since a 2nd dui conviction , can I still get a canpass for the boundary waters.
2 driving under the influence tickets in the 1980s
MT DUI laws and lookback periods have changed every two years. Two ways to go. Apply for the pass. Or, get a legal...
What if you found that the DUI Test video at the jail is tampered with? Do you file a USC 1983 civil suit?
I found that the DVD of the DUI test at the jail had been munipulated to the point that the officer claimed I had refused the test. I spoke to the officer during the test explaining that there was something wrong with the mouthpiece yet my voice never could be heard nor did it show me speaking at all. My license was suspended and I challenged the suspension, the Judge determined by the video that I had refused, do to the officers statement that I did not blow correctly. The video clearly shows cuts, and places me in the defense seat to prove what accrued. I had to release the Public D. in order to get the video and have it examined by a video expert. Should I file a USC 1983 before trial?
Each case is unique. YES, it happens. Proving INTENTIONAL acts is difficult, especially in a police station, where...
I entered a convenient store at approx: 7:40 Pm five minutes later I'm arrested for DUI, should'nt you be physically in control?
I'm in a convenient store at 7:40 Pm using the ATM, the Officer enters the store about 7:45 Pm. I then go to the counter with my Cheetos as the Officer approaches me from behind and says: I would like to speak with you outside please! I agreed and following my purchase of snack went out front to speak with the Officer. While in the gas island area the Officer stated he observerd the vehicle speeding and asked for my drivers lic. and reg. I went into the car retrieved them and gave them to the Officer. While I waited I enjoyed my snack at the rear of my car. He returned and asked me to do the FST, following this he arrested me and said your going to the hospital for a blood test. I asked about the tube breath thing, he welcomed the idea, as the video shows numerous missing parts. What Now!
It appears that the officer observed your car operating and speeding a few minutes before and then engaged you in...
Can a 13 year old dui be removed from your dmv record? A recent job said it didn't show up on their check. Is that possible?
I'm a CDL Class A holder with 2 dui on my dmv record. Looking for jobs.
Let's hope that this old record has purged
What is the minimum penalty for dui first offense
I was pulled over while driving under the influence of alcohol i blew a . 122
You could do a quick google search on Montana dui law, and get an overview of what you're facing. You could also do a...
If I plead guilty can I still obtain a probation liscense to get to work?
I was pulled over for DUI in bozeman and refused the breathalyzer, eventually taking a blood test. I will be going to court on Monday. I live 30-40 min outside work.
It is unclear from your explanation whether not you were marked down as a refusal. If you refused the test or tests...