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Can I still be convicted for a DUI if I was not driving?
I was sleeping in the back of my car w/ my dog at a park rest area, when there was knock on the window and the next thing I know, I'm being arrested for drunk n driving.
Driving is an element that law enforcement must prove for you to be convicted. Often they look for witnesses, video or...
I had a DUI in California, but Ca DL not revoked / no pink slip??
I was arrested for a DUI in Humboldt county, California. The officer "did not" inform me of BAC after 2 breath tests. I was taken to jail and kept for 5 hours. Registered and pictures taken. I was released with a paper stating "Driving under influence", (No codes mentioned), with a court date on the bottom of the paper. The officer told me, "I am keeping your original license in your wallet." I was not given the Pink slip. My Ca drivers license was not confiscated. Its only been 3 working days, but the DMV do not have any information about my license yet? I would like to know if my BAC was over 0.08 - which made them take me to jail and charge me with DUI, why did they not cancel my CA Drivers License? Is there a chance my level was < 0.08? What should I infer?
The officer is not required to advise you of your breath test results. It would be best to contact a local DUI...
Can I still apply my travel document while i still in my DUI probation
Summer probation
No idea what you're asking. What travel document? Editing practice area to "immigration."
Can I expunge a DUI from 7 years ago and how long would it take?
I was convicted of DUI in summer 2008. I would like to expunge or seal it if possible. I've not lived in California so was unable to complete classes that meet state requirements for California although I have taken classes out of state. Can I expunge or seal this DUI and how long does it generally take? Currently facing charges out of state so would like to limit the potential impact of this. The California DUI does not show on FBI check or NCIC and is not on my out of state drivers license.
You can neither "expunge" nor seal it in CA. Assuming you successfully completed probation, you may file a PC1203.4...
I received a DUI in Humboldt County with a BAC of . 21. Is there really any point to hiring an attorney?
I have read on numerous legal advice sites that there is almost a 100% conviction rate at this level of BAC and, objectively, I was definitely in the wrong. I should NOT have been driving and was definitely a risk. What would be the TRUE advantages of hiring a lawyer. I am very poor and want an honest answer if I am going to consider paying the substantial fees to retain an attorney. This is going to cripple me financially.
One TRUE advantage to hiring an attorney is you don't have to appear in court. Maybe there's a discrepancy with the...
I got 2 DUI in one month. What I should do.
I have 2 court for 2 dui, please device
First: QUIT DRINKING. Then, retain the best attorney you can afford. This won't be looked upon kindly by the DA nor...
I have Third DUI convictions (misdemeanor) . Can I get a California Massage Therapist (CMT) License?
I'm thinking of becoming a CMT. I read that the CA massage council requires background check (Live scan fingerprint check) on all applicants. Am I not able to get a license because of my alcohol convictions? Thanks.
A Certified Massage Therapist requires you to have to submit to a background check and LiveScan. You should consult...