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Can an expunged record of a first and second DUI offense be used in a custody hearing???
My exhusband and I have had joint custody of our daughter for 6 yrs. He is getting remarried and has sued me for full custody to get out of child support and so that he can move. He was arrested on drug charges and two DUI's (one of which I just found out about)... all have been expunged. Need help.
If a matter has been expunged it is supposed to wiped clean from all government records. You will need to check the...
How do I get a copy of my record from a dui on military base?
1997 or 1998 I was arrested on an Air Force base in Shreveport, LA. How do I find out details of that charge/ conviction on my record? I think I paid a fine and I know I did community service. Was I convicted of a felony?
There are facts missing that we dont know about. If you were a civilian then you could have had the charges in Federal...
How would you answer this question about DUI charges on employment application?
2 years ago I was arrested for DUI and my case was dismissed after pre-trial diversion. I have done an internet background check and it hasn't shown up but I'm sure it will on a more extensive FBI check. But the wording of this question on an application has me confused. It reads: "Have you ever been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance?" I have to answer "yes" because I was arrested even though I wasn't convicted?
The truthful answer to that question is yes. However, if there is an option to expunge the record under LA law, it...
How can I get off Home incarceration early?
I was convicted of a felony 4th offense DWI. My sentence was 10 years 8 suspended 2 to serve. And before you judge me I no longer drink and I never hurt anyone and yes I realize it was extremely dangerous (In my defense I live in a Louisiana where they have daiquiri shops and sell liquor at wal-mart and gas stations so its practically encouraged). Along with that I am sentenced to 5 years of home incarceration, $6,000 fine, 320 hours of community service, substance abuse treatment, driver improvement class and MADD class. I was placed on home incarceration after being released from prison. I have knocked out everything but the fine and the classes (which aren't a big deal they're both 1 day classes). I have read that I should complete ALL requirements before attempting to petition the court to file. I was thinking about petitioning the court about 1 year into the home incarceration. I have never been placed on home incarceration before this is my first time to be on house arrest. I felt 5 years was a bit excessive but the enhanced my charge from a 3rd to a 4th because i had 2 second offense dwi''s almost 10 years ago. In lieu of this story whats my chances to get off after a year?
Are you asking about petitioning the court for early termination of probation? Who was your judge? 2 yrs home...
WWhat does awaiting date mean ?
My boyfriend went to jail for an owi. I went online to check for his court date,and it says awaiting date.
The District attorney reviews the case and decides if the arrest merits being billed for the alleged crime. If billed,...
How can I beat a dwi that I did not do one test for?
Ok first i was pulled over for speeding ...which the officer had a radar but there was other vechials traveling the same direction as I was
The best thing for you to do is hire a DUI attorney to help you with the facts and put you in a position to win. GOOD LUCK
HHow do I make this go away or what do I do ?
Got a 3rd Dwi felony over 10 years ago was given 5 years Doc judge suspended all but 30 days in jail 30 in rehab i done 2 years house arrest an three years paper paid everything all fines and probation completed everything been with out license over 10 years went to get license they told me I have to put interlock in my vehicle I was not aware of this I paid my dept to sociaty 10 years prior please help me me
There is a distinction between the criminal justice system and the administrative rules of the Department if Public...