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Can cops mail Dwi tickets?
My fiancé was in a car accident. Which he doesn't remember anything. It's been a month and no cops have talked to him at all at least that he can remember from the accident scene. He was mailed 3 tickets certified mail speeding, failure to keep right and a dwi. With an upcoming court date. We have no clue what to expect at court.
He can expect to be arraigned on the charges. He should retain an experienced DWI lawyer to represent him. If he can...
Is the Drinking driver program in new york state mandatory even if the judge did not order it in the sentence
I got a DWAI plea bargain and the judge did not mandate a drinking driver program with the DMV. I received a 90 day suspension notice from the DMV which said that I am "eligible" for DDP but not for conditional license since I have an out of country license. I wanted to know if the DMV sees taking the DDP as mandatory and whether my conditional discharge would be "violated" if I did not take it even though the conditions of the plea bargain did not include DDP.
No, DDP is not mandatory if the judge did not order it at sentencing. If you now live in NY, I would suggest taking the...
What Do I Do Since the drug co. Teva is not making my meds?
I've been taking the drug Diamox Sequel for over 20 yrs. and for the past 2 months I have been unable to get the drug. Teva drug co. told me they were on back order. I've spoke with the FDA and they told me it may be 6 wks. before I get the med. In the meantime this is causing me to have epileptic seizures and I had surgery done to reduce the seizures now the seizures are worse since I don't have the med. Can I take legal action against the drug co.?
I see no legal action that can be taken against the drug company.
Should I go to trial or get a plea bargain if I was arrested with first offense DWI 0.11 BAC
I have no traffic or criminal record. . I was arrested with 0.11 BAC first offense dwi. The only traffic violation I got was for no using two hand signals on my motorcycle, which is why the officer said he stopped me. there was no property damage, person damage, or severe traffic violation The chances are strong for a plea bargain reducing it to a DWAI. Since my DWAI is o.11, which is 0.03 above the 0.08 limit, I am conflicted between going to trial to explore the possibility of the small margin of error chance with the 0.03 on the breathalyzer test, or accepting a DWAI. I would also like to know that apart from conviction, which is the better option in terms of time and resources given that I am an international student and that my f1 visa has already been revoked but not my status, which means I can stay here till graduation but will have to reapply for a visa if i leave the US before graduation.
What does your lawyer day about the margin of error? The DA can ask the Judge to charge to jury on the DWAI at trial so...
Immigration Problem. What should I do if my F-1 VISA is revoked due to my DWI case?
I'm a Chinese student studying in NY state - I got arrested for DWI on Mar.12. My court date was 4.20 and I got an email saying that my VISA is revoked by the embassy of US. My question is 1. What should I do to get my F1 VISA back? 2. Does it mean I can't work for any company as an intern? 3. Can I still apply to grad school?
You have a valid concern but need to consult with an immigration attorney. your DUI is a misdemeanor and i see no...
I got arrested for a first offense DUI and have an arrainment on may the 4th.can I travel to India
I am an Indian citizen with an F1 student visa. I don't have any other records or even traffic violations. I have to travel on may the 17th to India. and my arraignment is on the 4th. If after the arraignment I get a trial date that is after my trip, will it cause problems for me to go out of US to India. Also if it will create problems, is it easier to plead guilty instead so that there is no trial that date that will interfere with my date. Which is the better or worse option. I was told by the cop who arrested me that the judges in ithaca are kind enough to understand that I have to leave for my internship.
Please consult an immigration attorney before you leave and before you take any plea. Chances are excellent that your...
F1 Visa got revoked after DWI arrest not convicetion under INA sec212(a)1A which does not cover any DWI related offenses
My f1 visa has been revoked (not F1 status) after a DWI arrest (not a conviction). I received an email saying this was done under the INA sec 212 (a)1A. I checked these sections of INA at There is no mention of a Dwi arrest, let alone a conviction, or any alcohol related issues. Can I contest this revocation based on the fact that the section they provided does not cover my incident at all?
You may be able to appeal the decision. Read the letter you received carefully. Does it provide any recourse for an...