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I had a DUI in 1980 and in 1982, will these show up during a DOJ or FBI background check.
Since both of these offenses happened more than thirty years ago, before the computer age, I was wondering if they would still have made it into the system. Also both of these offenses happened in California. I am making a career change and applying for a teaching credential so that is why I am asking. If they will appear, I will need to go back to the courthouse where these convictions took place and get copies of the judgments, which means a lot of travel and time from work.
Any convictions that you have had will show up in a criminal background check by a public agency. You should make sure...
Can I be charged for dui when no officer ever saw me in a vehicle while intoxicated at all?
I was arrested and charged with a DUI. I was at a friends house when a physical altercation too place and a neighbor called the PD. When the poll d showed up I was standing by the road waiting for a friend to show up and take me home. The police went back to the house and settled things with the physical matters. A different friend that was sober had driven me to the house and then left when the fight happened. When the cops walked out they had asked how we go there because we were obviously intoxicated. My friend said she drove so they took her to the side and gave her about 6 breath test because the officer couldn't get a reading. He finally got a reading and arrested her for DUI and out her in the car. He then came behind me and arrested me for public intoxication and put me in the car with her. While we were in the car she was freaking out and begging me to say that I had drove, so I did. Which was very dumb of me but I was very intoxicated and wasn't thinking right. So they switched our charges and charged me with DUI and her for public intoxication. We both were booked into jail and then released.
Try and reverse the roles now and see how good of a friend you have. Despite the fact that no one saw you driving,...
What is the average cost of doing something like this with a lawyer? Can a lawyer from out of the area represent me?
DMV suspended my license after hearing and I want to attest it in court and file a writ. I have called and left messages with numerous lawyers in my area with no return calls and I'm running out of time.
Use Avvo find a lawyer feature to find local DUI/DWI attorneys in your area.
What are my first steps? Do I need a lawyer for this?
I lost my DUI hearing with DMV. I want to file in court to overturn suspension.
Retain an attorney in Weed with experience battling the DMV.
My partner was arrested for 2 child endangerment felony 3dui in california driving on suspended spousal abuse what is he facing
I bonded him out 2500. Is this fightable or how much time is he looking at
The charges are serious indeed. Fightable? Sure, but we don't know anything about the state of the evidence against...
How long in the State of California is a DUI on Your record ?
In 2001 I got a Misdemeanor 1st offence DY DUI. I did My Mandatory 24hrs in Jail & something like $1875 in fines but never did the 90 days Alchohol Classes I was Sentanced to Complete 14 yrs ago. When I went to Dig to find out what it would take to get My Licence back He told Me I had to Complete 90 days of Schooling. Later I called & Insurance Company telling Him about My Duo He told Me that it should be Off My record. I told Him that's what I believed should be true. Can The State of California DMV hold that against Me for 14 yrs or should I fight it ?
Unfortunately, the DMV has an endless memory. Since you were convicted of a DUI and failed to attend and complete the...
How should I handle this DUI?
I was driving a friends van back to a campsite from the store and got pulled over due to a head light being out. The officer asked if I had been drinking and I told him I had a couple beers earlier in the evening so he asked to me to perform a field sobriety test. I ended up blowing a .092 and was arrested, then a half hour later at the station blew under .08 what should I do and what may my charges look like. This is also my first DUI ever and my first alcohol offence. Thank you
Hire counsel immediately. Your license is likely going to be suspended within ten days of arrest if you do nothing. If...