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How can i find out if my release date was calculated wrong ?
I was in Talbot County jail when the JRA came into effect and it appeared to me as well as a handful of other inmates that we werent given enough good conduct credits
Send a letter to the Jail and ask. See what they say, if anything. Contact a prisoner's rights organization and ask...
In MD can a police officer look up if a vehicle is fitted with an IID?
I was ordered to fit an IID to my personal vehicle after refusing to do a sobriety test. I have complied but am curious if the police have the ability to lookup if a vehicle has a “registered” IID device installed? My work has a vehicle with an IID installed but it is not registered with the MVA, if I drive this vehicle would the police know it is not “registered”?
The IID restriction is imposed on your personal license, not any particular vehicle. The only way an officer knows you...
Is it possible to obtain a gun permit in Maryland with a pbj dui?
In 2010 I received pbj for a dui. I received 2 years of unsupervised probation and took a 3 hr. Drivers improvement class and completed both successfully. I am trying to apply for a gun permit here in Maryland and it's saying that they have found more than one case on me and to contact my board. I can't even download the application with out doing this first. Please help!!
The 2010 DUI alone should not be a disqualifying crime. They must have found something else that is raising an issue....
Is a not guilty plea w/ PBJ the same as no contest or nolo contendere?
Hi, 6 years ago I closed a case where I had a DUI and entered into a Not Guilty plea with a Probation before judgement. Normally when I fill out employment background check forms most of the time the question reads have you ever been convicted of a felony? and I'm able to answer no. But for my new job the question reads Have you ever been convicted of, plead guilty, no contest or nolo contendere, to a misdemeanor or felony? The question is worded differently, Am I able to check No? or Do I check Yes and explain? Thanks in Advance.
The question is fairly specific. You need to answer the question truthfully and explain.
What are my chances of jail time for my first DUI in Maryland?
Crashed car with BAC of .15. No other people or cars were involved and no other persons were injured whatsoever.
You have a good chance of avoiding jail as a first time offender. You need to consult with an attorney immediately....
Cand I appeal a dui, from 12/30/16? Involves a cdl/.o4
.04 conviction, guilty plea, not allowed public defender before entering please. Thought I would be released from custody after entering please. 2 field tests, 4 breathilizers and the trooper came up with a .04? 2 court dates, trooper never showed for court. Bob / Happened in Forest City, Arkansas.
Any relief you can qualify for will have to be addressed by a lawyer licensed in Arkansas, so re-post your question for...
What are the odds of receiving a Stet on a DUI charge in Baltimore City?
I received a DUI charge on account of car accident (total loss, no injuries) in Baltimore City while still on probation (PBJ) for a DUI charge in Baltimore County, which was also due to a car accident (total loss, no 3rd party involved). The officer claims that I refused the breathalyzer test this time. I am not eligible for a PBJ again, obviously, so what are the odds of receiving a Stet or Nolle Prosequi disposition? What kind of sentence should I expect in this scenario?
Every case is different depending on the specific facts. Since you are already on probation for DUI, the likelihood of...